9 People Share The Stories Of How They Cheated, And They're Juicier Than Any TV Drama (2023)

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9 People Share The Stories Of How They Cheated, And They're Juicier Than Any TV Drama (1)

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Betray– as in the case of infidelity in aRelationship– is more complicated than it seems. It's easy enough to sayCheating itself is badbut when it comes toPeople who cheat on their partners or the people they cheat withIn certain "good" or "bad" categories, things tend to be more difficult to analyze.

How to cheat for whatever reason is so complicated that the stories behind the cases are almost always juicy. (There's a reason they're the most attractive fodder forsupermarket tabloidsmiPrestige-Drama-TV-Shows.)

To this end, someone recently asked"Reddit scammers" to share stories of how their affairs started and ended.

INSIDER couldn't independently verify all of these stories, but you'll enjoy skimming through them.

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1. She was (accidentally) the other woman

9 People Share The Stories Of How They Cheated, And They're Juicier Than Any TV Drama (2)

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"I was a lover of a married couple. The guy was an old friend from high school, we hung out once in a while. When we were free, he dated this girl, Kelly, and the last time we broke up, he dumped her and got married. Almost a A year after we broke up, I was back in town for summer break from college and I met him at my summer job.

“He told me a sad story about how Kelly wanted a divorce and took his son from him. I (stupidly) believed him, we exchanged numbers, we started talking every day. She invited me to her 'hers' apartment and showed me her divorce. paperwork and finally turned sexual for a few weeks.

"One day, I stopped by to buy a pair of earrings that I had forgotten the day before. His best friend from high school answered the door. I asked him if Guy was around, the best friend said no, why should I go home? really satisfying etiquette for best friend it wasn't his apartment best friend also let me know the man and wife are inbuying a house, their marriage was fine.

"I was angry and upset. The next day I went to work and took Kelly for a walk. I ask her what she's doing later that night and if she's available to talk. We meet after I leave and we'll work things out." ”She cried a bit but she ended up upset. She gives me her address and she tells me to drop by the next day.

"Yeah, and Guy is white as a sheet and he's trying to get me to leave. Kelly shows up and they end up having a yelling match. So Guy got divorced and took part of the child support because his wife told people about Guy's potted plants. Neither of us talks anymore. Thinking about it makes me take showers at least twice." — Reddit userpeanut photography

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2. She was dating an old colleague... so she took a photo of an ultrasound

9 People Share The Stories Of How They Cheated, And They're Juicier Than Any TV Drama (3)

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“I was in a five-year relationship with my girlfriend at the time. I started talking to an old coworker from my youth who I had always had a crush on, but she lived just a few states away, so I knew she wasn't going anywhere. Well, it turns out that she still had family close to her and visited regularly.

"We made plans to have dinner and meet up, just for old times' sake. We ended up getting drunk, renting a hotel room and having a good time. This happened a few times over the next few months, until I got a message from her... it's a picture of an ultrasound of my son.

"I wanted to be clear with my girlfriend that I never had a father growing up and I didn't want to blame my son for that. However, she ended up missing about a month of her pregnancy and we stopped talking."

“I felt very guilty and afraid. 0/10 would not do it again.” — Reddit userRedBombX

3. He met someone who made him believe in love at first sight

9 People Share The Stories Of How They Cheated, And They're Juicier Than Any TV Drama (4)

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"I was young, I was 19 years old. I dated a girl for a year when my parents decided I had to pay rent, so I found a roommate and rented an apartment. The first day I go to the office to hand in the paperwork. .. The girl from the office made my heart race, made me believe in the idea of ​​love at first sight.

"A few weeks later he moved in across the street from my apartment and we started dating. One night we slept together. The next day I broke up with my girlfriend. The new girl and I were talking and we both wanted to be together.

"She moved in with me a month later. That was 17 years ago. She's currently sleeping upstairs with our daughter." – Reddit userideal result

4. You fell in love with someone who wasn't available

9 People Share The Stories Of How They Cheated, And They're Juicier Than Any TV Drama (5)


"I once started a relationship with a coworker who was separated from his wife. Then she found out and contacted me. It turns out that he had done this many times before and they were not separated or considering divorce because they were Muslims. They weren't emotionally close or slept in the same bed, but they were officially together. I felt fucking horrible, I had fallen so hard for this guy. His wife was absolutely amazing, a truly wonderful person. I'm a piece of shit for what I did to him. As far as I know, they're still together." —Reddit usermixxvigen

5. They both cheated out of spite, so they decided to talk openly about their relationship.

9 People Share The Stories Of How They Cheated, And They're Juicier Than Any TV Drama (6)

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"He cheated on me, things were not going well. I decided to cheat too. It wasn't long before we started dating, and things have gotten better in that regard ever since."Reddit user now disabled

6. He started dating his girlfriend's close friend.

9 People Share The Stories Of How They Cheated, And They're Juicier Than Any TV Drama (7)

Show time.

"I feel like I have no excuses for why I cheated on my girlfriend. I was 18 at the time and had been with my girlfriend for three months, and during that time I became closer to one of her other friends. Her friend and wanted to spend more time with her than with my friend.

"The reason I cheated on her instead of breaking up with my girlfriend was because they had been friends for a long time and I didn't want to be the reason they ended their friendship. Also, I didn't want her to come across as a 'slut'." move in with the bride's boyfriend. Overall, it seemed like a difficult situation for both of us, but we were young and didn't know how to handle the situation properly." — Reddit userCaptainLeviA

7. They had a flirtation at work that turned into something else.

9 People Share The Stories Of How They Cheated, And They're Juicier Than Any TV Drama (8)

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"I was the other guy in an affair that lasted over two years. She was married and still is. At least it wasn't a happy ending for me."

"Former co-workers, we hung out a few times watching TV/movies, smoking, drinking, but nothing happened for a long time. I felt an emotional and physical attraction to her, and the feeling was mutual. But we never crossed the line. .

"One time he got really drunk at a party and because I was his passenger, the two of us hung out on an empty bed. Honestly, I wanted the privacy of being close to someone and I wanted to make sure they didn't pass out." In her dream I did nothing and neither did she. Nothing happened that night.

"We were going out about a week later and she said she liked it when my beard rubbed her and then asked me to do it again. As the days passed, this evolved into more intimate hugging, grinding, groping and finally I kissed her .It was great.

"The kiss turned into oral, then one night she really wanted to have sex. I (really) refused at first, but we had sex. Then again and again.

“She explained at some point after that that at first she felt estranged from her husband, who was pressuring her to have children and, in her opinion, to be a D---. I wasn't that guy.

"She recently broke up because she was 'trying to distance herself from me' and she kept saying this to the point where I just said it and gave up. It ended in a little argument and she asked me if I wanted to break up, I said I wasn't sure, So he told me he quit." — Reddit userother_type123

8. You had an affair with someone at the office.

9 People Share The Stories Of How They Cheated, And They're Juicier Than Any TV Drama (9)

Showtime/Mark Schafer
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9. You saw an old flame at a concert and knew it was meant to be.

9 People Share The Stories Of How They Cheated, And They're Juicier Than Any TV Drama (10)

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"I met this amazing guy a few years ago. Let's call him Guy A. I fell so hard for him, he was so nice and sweet. We kissed a few times and met once, but he started dating another girl, so it never went beyond that.

"Fast forward a few years. I've been in this horrible relationship for a year and a half. We call him S---Head. S---Head is a compulsive liar, yells at me, threatens to tear anyone apart." if I do something they don't like, like every time I have a panic attack.

"I'm at a show without S---Head and I look out on the dance floor and I see guy A dancing his heart out and laughing and being amazing. I haven't seen him since we got together." that was a few years ago. My heart skipped a beat. I went up to him and we talked for hours and told him that I was living with a very naughty guy and I wanted to get out. When he kissed me goodbye, I just knew.

"I kept dating my shit head for about a week (while still seeing the other guy next door) before I finally got up the courage to break up with him. I've been dating Boy A ever since and have never looked back." — Reddit usertbae

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