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The fungus of foot nails is one of the most difficult fungal infections that can be treated. Treatment is a slow and careful process that can take between 3 and 18 months, depending on the seriousness of the infection.

And as the process of treatment and healing of a meter infection is so long, it is sometimes difficult to see if the treatment really works.

In this article, we will analyze the foot fungus more closely, which causes some treatment options and, above all, what is caused.How do you know if the fungus of the movie of Foot Dies.

As soon as I read this, you can see if the course of the treatment it really works on.


What causes the fungus of one of the day?

The most common cause of nail infections is a type of fungusLeather.Forms and yeast (which are also types of fungi) can also cause nail infections.

The human body usually has fungi on the skin.

However, fungi thrives in humid and hot environments where they can overlap and then an infection can be developed.

A foot nail pilot infection occurs when this abundance of fungi is between the nail and the nail bed.

How do you know if the fungus of the movie of Foot Dies

Regardless of whether he has decided prescribed medications, an OTC antimicotic or home remedy, it will be a long process. The nail bed grows.

You will know that the treatment works and the infection is ordered when you see that a new and healthy nail grows from the nail bed.

Feet nails grow on average 1.62 mm per month. It will go several months for a new return to grow.

It's super frustrating, we know.

The part of the nail infected with the fungus is never normalized again, regardless of treatment. If your nail grows, cut the part of the nail that has been infected, until everything you have left, a healthy nail.

On average, a complete nail takes approximately 18 months to spread completely.

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The more treated with the anterior nail fungus is, the shorter time the healing and the chances of success will be eliminated.

Feet nails grow on average 1.62 mm per month. It will go several months for a new return to grow.

If you find a treatment that works for you, stay with it.

When it halves it, the fungus is returned, extending and its healthy growth takes control and can make it even more difficult to treat it.

How do you get nail fungus?

Fungi thriving in a warm, damp environment.

But you can not only develop nail fungi in this way. The part of your body, which is hot and moist for the longer period, can develop a topical fungal infection.

Juckreiz (Tinea Cruris)GiftAthlete's Foot (Tinea Pedis)GiftCall Vintage (Moth's Body), YFungus of one)All fall below the same classification of fungal infections.

This means that he can not only develop all hot and humid surroundings, in which he lives on fungi, but is also very contagious.

A fungal infection in part of your body canextended to another.

For example, the athlete's foot can spread to nails and vice versa. The fungus of the toenails can also extend to other nails.

And the towel he used after taking a shower to dry his feet that have a foot fungus can be distributed to other parts of the body he has eliminated.

Because fungal infections have spread so easily, it can capture other fungal infections. It is unlikely that you capture the foot fungus of the foot directly from someone else's infected nails.

However, if you do not wear rubber slippers in the fitness shower or share someone else's towels or shoes and that person has a fungal infection, you can easily obtain it and can be extended to the nails.

However, there is a place responsible for the contraction of nail nails and nail nail fungi.

When the tools are used to give them your mani/I askedCorrectly sterilizedYour nail technician can convey another nail fungus for nails.

What are the stages of the nail fungus of the foot?

Fungus of the feet nail usually starts asWhite or yellowUnder the tip of the nail. In the course of the infection, the nail will be thickened and the small point will become larger and dominate the nail.

The nail gets softer and has an almost powder texture under dust and then begins to collapse at the edges.

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Why is it important to treat the fungus of the feet?

In addition to the fact that you are unethical and ruin your chances of becoming a standing model, it is easy to understand why people usually leave it without treating.

It seems more like a cosmetic problem than anything else.

It's nothingOpaque nail polishOr socks cannot hide.Or is that?

Although the appearance of small white nail spots may not be classified as a medical emergency, foot fungus can lead to a variety of other problems.

We discuss how this can be extended to other parts of the body and other nails, but if not, it can alsoDeform the burningCauses an incarnate.

Encounter nails can be painful and lead to a much more severe infection on the skin.

After2012 StudyIt has been shown that chronic foot nail fungus in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology increases the risk of Bein's bacterial cellulite.

Fungus from the feet can be particularly dangerous if you have diabetes. Code to cause feet ulcers and other feet problems.

Any internal infection, including cellulite ulcers and diabetic feet, can threaten life.

Treatment of fungi on one of the foot

If your foot fungus has not been treated for a long time, the best opportunity is to get rid of your dermatologist or podiatry.

The doctor will obtain the diagnosis of infected nails and is probably evaluated and tested to find out what the fungus causes the infection.

Its other options are home remedies or a larger co -cenic antifungal. This look more like both options if the touch nail fungus is a newer infection than something that has not been treated for years.

There are some simple home remedies that you can try when the infection captures earlier.

  • Apple cider vinegar for nail fungi
  • Hydrogen peroxide for fungal in the foot
  • Vicks kills the fungus of one of the feet?

It is important to keep in mind that there is nothing that FDA is approved as a fungal treatment in the foot for which the recipe is not necessary."Not for nail fungi".

Since nail fungus is very difficult to treat, OTC antimycotic and home remedies are beaten or strange. They work for some people, but not for others.

Here are some OTC antimycotic treatments that received very good criticism:


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Just a word of caution when it comes to home remedies ... Use common sense.


For example: There are people who support the use of collectionBleach for the treatment of foot fungus.

You should not need a rocket scientist to find that you should not use poisonous cleaning agents to treat something on your body or body!


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