♕ Best Well Pressure Tanks for 2023 Review & Buying Guide (2023)

A constant supply of water is a necessity for every home. Whether you're showering or flushing, you need instant access to water throughout the day.

Most homes have wells with pumps that push water through pipes. However, they require you to manually turn the pump on and off, which can be quite difficult. Luckily for you, a pressure tank will solve all your water problems and give you instant access to water!

Choosing the best well pressure tank for your home can be quite daunting. But fearless! Here are some of our top picks, along with a buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Just look:These are the best well pressure tanks to buy in 2021:

  1. Overall best: Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank
  2. Best fiberglass well pressure tank: Wellmate WM-6 / WM0075 QC captive air and fiberglass holding tank
  3. The best vertical well pressure tank: WaterWorker 25009 20 gallon vertical fountain tank
  4. Best pre-charged well pressure tank: Flotec FP7110T Prestressed Vertical Pressure Vessel
  5. The best pressure tanks online: BURCAM 600541B 2.1 gallon in-line pressure tank

Top 10 Well Pressure Tanks Review

After hours of exhaustive research, we've compiled 10 of our top picks for you. So, without further ado, let's get started!

1. Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank

♕ Best Well Pressure Tanks for 2023 Review & Buying Guide (1)

With over 30 years of experience, Amtrol is definitely one of the most well-known manufacturers in the game. The blue body and box design of the WX-202 makes it easy to install.

This pressure vessel was specially developed for residential purposes. The compact size minimizes floor consumption, making it compatible with most homes. This tough guy comes with a butyl diaphragm with a virgin polypropylene inner liner making it corrosion resistant.

The inner liner has been carefully applied to prevent peeling, chipping or chipping. What makes Amtrol one of the best in the business is our commitment to making the best products for you. They are equipped with stainless steel air valves that are welded in the commonly used threaded design and prevent air pressure from escaping the tank.

All these attributes while keeping weight to a minimum definitely make the WX-202 one of the best tanks built by Amtrol.


  • easy to install
  • Compact design fits in any environment
  • High quality stainless steel case
  • Diaphragm and liner are protected with an O-ring.


  • Not to be shipped pre-charged to less than 40 PSI
  • poor packaging


2. Wellmate WM-6/WM0075 QC captive air and fiberglass holding tank

♕ Best Well Pressure Tanks for 2023 Review & Buying Guide (2)

"Fit it and forget it" is the motto of Wellmate's WM-6 fiberglass tanks, as their solid construction means they are almost maintenance free.

The fiberglass construction of the outer shell protects the tank from rust. This is perfect for coastal areas where the tank may come into contact with corrosive elements. In addition, they gave the outer shell an epoxy resin seal that makes it impervious to dents.

Plus, this lightweight superstar features a scratch-resistant paint finish that eliminates the need for touch-ups. At this point, you might be wondering, "Is there anything that could damage these tanks?"

Plus, the WM-6 offers some amazing features that you can't even imagine in stainless steel tanks. Its lightweight body allows for easy, affordable installation that requires fewer hands and fewer hours to complete setup.


  • Higher extraction than steel tanks of the same capacity
  • Rust-free, even in corrosive areas, e.g. B. Coastal regions
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Owners can take advantage of the extended labor warranty


  • Contains no silicone grease required for the installation process


3. WaterWorker 25009 20 gallon vertical tank

♕ Best Well Pressure Tanks for 2023 Review & Buying Guide (3)

When it comes to buying an all-weather well pressure tank, you can't go wrong with the WaterWorker 25009. If you're looking for something that will last a lifetime, give this a try!

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To begin with, manufacturers used cold-rolled steel to create the outer shell of the tank. While this increases the tank's durability and sturdiness, it does not add additional weight.

Plus, the tank's maximum operating temperature is 200 F (degrees Fahrenheit), meaning it's perfect for areas where temperatures tend to get too high. Cold rolled steel construction helps keep the tank water cool even on the hottest days of the year!

In terms of functionality, this tank has a high quality butyl rubber membrane as well as a polyolefin liner. The coating prevents the inside of the tank from corroding, as the inside can come into contact with various objects.


  • Polyolefin coating extends fence life
  • Lead free for drinking water
  • High gloss enamel makes it weather resistant.
  • The maximum operating temperature is 200 F.


  • Once purchased, the product cannot be returned even if it has not been used.
  • The diaphragm may not be very durable.


4. Flotec FP7110T vertically polarized pressure vessel

♕ Best Well Pressure Tanks for 2023 Review & Buying Guide (4)

Made in the USA, this is definitely one of the toughest tanks on the market. Every FP7110T tank is factory tested to ensure first class service. Let's talk capacity, this tank can hold a whopping 20 gallons of water! This means you can forget about having a water crisis in your home.

Additionally, the heavy-duty steel construction adds to the overall durability of the tank. In addition to durability, the tank undergoes rigorous testing to ensure water temperature stability. Steel construction allows the tank to keep water cooler than ambient temperature.

And the FP7110T is a pre-filled tank, which means the pressure settings are set in the tank. You will be pleased to know that this tank offers a maximum pressure rating of nearly 100 PSI. This allows you to manually use the switch to determine what works best for you.


  • Reliable as it holds up to 20 gallons of water
  • Offers a maximum pressure rating of 100 PSI, providing more flexibility
  • Supplied pre-pressurized for easy installation and setup
  • heavy work


  • May leak during installation
  • Customer service is below average compared to other manufacturers.


5. WaterWorker HT-32B Vertical Pressure Well Tank

♕ Best Well Pressure Tanks for 2023 Review & Buying Guide (5)

If your home uses large amounts of water on a daily basis then this is the tank to choose. The WaterWorker HT-32B comes with a large tank that can hold nearly 32 gallons of water.

Like other high quality pressure tanks, this model is pre-pressurized. This saves a lot of time when installing the tank. You should know that this heavyweight has a working pressure of 100 PSI, giving you the freedom to change the pressure to suit your needs.

Next, we looked at the tank's polypropylene lining, which plays a crucial role in blocking air pressure and separating water. In addition, the coating is responsible for removing any kind of bad smell from the water and keeping it safe.


  • Pre-pressure tank prevents problems during installation
  • Holds an incredible 32 gallons of water
  • Offers a maximum pressure setting of 100 PSI, aiding flexibility
  • Polypropylene lining keeps bad smells out of the water.


  • The product cannot be returned after purchase.
  • could leak


6. Red Lion RL6H Horizontal Pre-Filled Membrane Source Tank

♕ Best Well Pressure Tanks for 2023 Review & Buying Guide (6)

Homeowners have long had problems with their tank diaphragms. The next product on our list fills that specific need with its high-quality diaphragm. The Red Lion RL6H preloaded tank was designed with your needs in mind.

And the tank comes pre-filled from the factory along with the jet pump, just install. Additionally, you will find that this tank comes with the option of switching volts. Depending on your home's power line, you can use this tank to switch between 115 volts and 230 volts.

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The compact size of this tank is perfect for homes with limited space. All you have to do is find a little corner and leave it alone. The tank's horizontal design also reduces the height of the tank, which contributes to its compact form factor.


  • High quality membrane is designed for long service life
  • Compact design takes up less space
  • The flexibility to choose between 115 volts and 230 volts
  • Easy to install as it comes pre-installed and assembled at the factory


  • Third party pumps may perform better than jet pump


7. BURCAM 600541B 2.1 gallon in-line pressure tank

♕ Best Well Pressure Tanks for 2023 Review & Buying Guide (7)

Next on our list is the BURCAM 600541B 2.1 gallon in-line pressure tank, which features a unique no-metal-to-water design. You should know that this pressure vessel is designed for jet pump systems. If you don't already have a jet pump, consider getting one with the tank.

Additionally, the 600541B is a bladder pressure tank, meaning that water is held in a balloon-like chamber called a bladder. This tank is equipped with a replaceable bladder system, so you don't have to replace the entire tank.

You'll immediately notice the standard butyl rubber bladder, which ensures longer life and reliability.

While it is true that each of the BURCAM 600541B has been tested to withstand pressures up to 100 PSI, they can only be operated at a maximum of 75 PSI.


  • Baked epoxy finish aids durability
  • No water contact with the metal, eliminating the risk of oxidation
  • Factory pre-installed for easy installation
  • Comes with a replaceable bladder system


  • The longevity of the rubber bladder is questionable.


8. Amtrol WX-102 pre-pressurized well tank

♕ Best Well Pressure Tanks for 2023 Review & Buying Guide (8)

The next pressure vessel on the list is another one from Amtrol. The WX-102 is a diaphragm pressure vessel with the thickest diaphragm in the industry! And the extra thickness keeps the membrane from losing its flexibility while adding extra strength.

The reliability factor of this tank is constantly guaranteed by its characteristics. And the tank is equipped with a ring ring along with its groove design, which allows for proper placement of the casing, membrane and liner.

Amtrol has put a lot of effort into getting this model's design right. The design of the WX-102 adapts to the case, avoiding any kind of folds or bubbles that could retain water.

Even better, the tank comes pre-filled to 38 PSI straight from the factory, making the installation process a breeze.


  • Factory preloaded to 38 PSI, making tank installation easy
  • Thick diaphragm for longer life and greater flexibility
  • Grooved design and hoop ring add strength to the tank
  • Reliable


  • The tank may have dents when delivered.


9. EXPT-2 DHW Stainless Steel Falcon Thermal Expansion Tank

♕ Best Well Pressure Tanks for 2023 Review & Buying Guide (9)

Falcon's EXPT-2 stainless steel thermos tank is designed for home use and offers all the basic features you need. Even better, this model guarantees effective relief of any pressure built up in the system!

In addition, the pressure-tested expansion tank is made of stainless steel, which can reduce the risk of corrosion, but cannot prevent it. However, its 16 gauge steel tank definitely differs when it comes to its durability.

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In addition, the EXPT-2 is equipped with a steel ring inside the tank. Basically, this ring controls the expansion of the diaphragm and prevents it from coming into contact with the tank wall, reducing wear. If you are looking for a good water heater pressure tank, this can be your best choice.


  • Internal fixation ring prevents the membrane from stretching
  • The tank is fully factory tested.
  • The expansion tank is made of stainless steel.
  • Ideal for home use.


  • Stainless steel construction does not completely prevent corrosion
  • The tank can be dented when unpacked.


10. APEC Water Systems Tank-4 4 gallon residential pre-pressurized reverse osmosis water storage tank

♕ Best Well Pressure Tanks for 2023 Review & Buying Guide (10)

Our final pick is the APEC Tank-4, which can hold up to 4 gallons of water. Compared to the other tanks mentioned above, this tank is much smaller in terms of water capacity. However, it doesn't compromise on features and packs a complete reverse osmosis system into a compact design.

Even better, this tank comes with a stand that lets you position it both horizontally and vertically. So if you really don't have a lot of space, just place the tank vertically. This feature is useful when space is limited.

In addition, the bladder of the tank that stores water has been approved by the FDA, making it safe and reliable. APEC claims the bladder is food grade, which means the water in the tanks is safe to drink too!


  • Factory pressurized viene.
  • Food grade bladder to ensure clean and safe water
  • has a support
  • FDA approved bladder


  • The reverse osmosis system can slow down over time
  • Pressure is noticeably lower than other tanks.


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Well Pressure Tank

Before you invest your hard-earned money into buying anything, it's always a good idea to do some research on the product. Otherwise, you could end up with an underperforming product that hardly fits your preferences.

When it comes to buying the best pressurized water tank, you need to consider your needs and the features that come with the tank. We've listed some tips that will help you in your decision making.

brand reputation

The general rule of thumb when shopping is to look for the brand name, which plays a crucial role in determining the value of the product. Choosing the best pressure vessel is no different!

We advise you to refrain from buying local tanks. Well, reputable brands have a strong sense of customer needs as their reputation reflects the quality of their product.

tank capacity

This should be one of your top priorities when making your decision. The more water you need for your home, the larger the tank should be. Investing in a small tank already limits your immediate access to well water and also puts a strain on the well pump as it runs at shorter intervals.

Remember we're talking about water, so investing in a big tank is always a safe bet. Not only does this save electricity by avoiding frequent pump usage, but it also covers all your water needs!


There's no point in investing in a well pressure tank if it doesn't fit in the space you've allotted. Therefore, in addition to the size of the tank, you should also pay attention to the design of the tank.

Installing the tank shouldn't be a problem as long as you know the plumbing setup in your home. You can take on the added expense of hiring a professional to install and fix the pipes, but if you're up for a challenge, you can try installing it yourself with peace of mind.

tank construction

The construction of a pressure vessel focuses mainly on the outer casing, which in most cases is made of stainless steel.
The stainless steel serves as armor for the tank and protects it from damage from being dropped or dented. However, this also means that the tank is susceptible to rust when it comes into contact with certain objects.

Alternatively, fiberglass pressure vessels are very durable and have no chance of rusting. Also, they don't carry as much weight as their stainless steel counterparts.

Information about well pressure tanks

Here we give you important information about well pressure tanks.

What is a water pressure tank?

♕ Best Well Pressure Tanks for 2023 Review & Buying Guide (11)

As the name suggests, a pressurized water tank is responsible for maintaining water pressure throughout the home. In addition, a well water pressure tank increases the longevity of your well pump.

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When you flush or shower, you need a constant flow of water from the well. Without a pressure tank, you would have to wait for the well pump to turn on and for water to flow through the pipes.

Running the well pump too often can cause you to lose a few good years and fail prematurely.

Essentially, a pressure tank stores a separate volume of water that is used before activating the fountain pump. In this way, the pressure tank will also ensure a constant flow of water through the house, instead of having short bursts while waiting for the fountain pump.

How does a well pressure tank work?

The pressure tank acts as a water reservoir from which water is sent to all the necessary areas of the house. He uses compressed air to build pressure in the tank, which shoots the water through the pipes in his house.

Each tank has a defined pressure threshold (measured in pounds per square inch or PSI) that decides when the well pump will turn on. If the water level inside the pressure tank drops below a certain level, it will cause the overall water pressure to drop.

This, in turn, ignites the pump via a pressure switch. And so the tank fills its water supply while providing a constant flow.

Why use a well pressure tank?

Imagine having to laboriously turn on the well pump every time you need water, not the ideal situation, right? This is where well pressure tanks come into play!

These tanks provide instant access to well water. Also, there is no need to manually start the pump. This delays the water pump's on and off cycles, increasing its useful life.

Types of well pressure tanks

♕ Best Well Pressure Tanks for 2023 Review & Buying Guide (12)

Pressure tanks are usually distinguished by their mechanism and how they compress air to pump water.

Let's look at the three different types of pressure vessels:

Air over water pressure tank

What sets this tank apart from others is that it contains both air and water in a single chamber. The air pushes the water to make it flow through the pipes.

diaphragm pressure vessel

This tank has two chambers: one for water and one for air. Air and water are separated from each other by means of a rubber membrane. When the pump fills the tank with water, the membrane expands upwards, compressing the air.

bladder pressure vessel

Like the diaphragm pressure vessel, this one also has two separate chambers for air and water. However, the water storage tank is a balloon-like chamber called a bladder. Pumping water into the tank expands the bladder, which in turn compresses the air.

Well pressure tanks FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the best well pressure tanks: How far can the pressure switch be from the tank?
It is always a good idea to mount the pressure switch as close to the tank as possible. Try not to place the switch on a different floor as the height can cause problems.

Where should the pressure tank be?

It is always an ideal situation to place your pressure vessel downstream of the well pump. This will ensure proper water flow in the pipes.

How much does a new well pressure tank cost?

The cost of a new well pressure tank depends on many factors, from tank capacity to equipment and construction. Installing a new tank can cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000.

How do I empty my pressure vessel?

First you need to make sure the pressure tank is off. You should then make sure you have a pipe/hose connected to the drain valve to direct the water.

Next, you need to open the drain valve to allow water to drain out of the tank. You should turn on a nearby faucet or other plumbing to allow air into the pipes. This forces the water out of the tank.

Now just wait for all the water to come out of the tank. Try gently rocking the tank to get a better idea of ​​the water level inside.

Pressure vessels made of fiberglass or steel?

Pressure tanks made from steel are significantly cheaper than tanks made from GRP. Additionally, the stainless steel housing contributes to the tank's longevity and sturdiness. One downside is the weight that comes with the strong stainless steel body, which can make installation difficult.

Fiberglass tanks also provide a strong outer shell and are durable. One of the advantages over stainless steel tanks is that they don't rust. Therefore, it does not need maintenance and care as often.
But you should know that these tanks are not cheap, so consider all your preferences before making a decision.

last words

A well pressure tank is undoubtedly an essential part of home water supply systems.

Therefore, it is important that you take into account your own preferences and match them to the characteristics that each tank offers. We hope the above points will help you choose the best well pressure tank for your needs.

Lots of luck!

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