Graphic Design Awards (2023) | Hourly rates, price list and guide (2023)

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Prices for graphic designers may vary.outside $ 15 at $150 per hour, but the average cost of hiring a freelance designer is$31.25 per hourEmployed graphic designers earn on average$32,000 to $77,000 annually.

Basic level

$32,000 annually


$53,000 annually


$77,000 annually

My guess:

If you are reading this, then you must enter the world of graphic design and you do not know how much you should pay yourself.

Or are you about to hire a graphic designer and aren't sure if you won't be overwhelmed?

For this reason…

I took everything you need to knowgraphic design price guide.

You will find:

  • Average Hourly Rates for Graphic Design
  • Freelance Graphic Designer Awards
  • Graphic designer salaries by country
  • Graphic Design Flat Rate Price Sheet

is much more.


  • Average Hourly Rates for Graphic Designers
  • Freelance Graphic Designer Awards
    • Amador
    • Junior
    • Senior
    • professional
  • Prices of graphic design services that you can get online
  • Graphic Design Pricing Table
    • Postcard Design Award
    • logo design award
    • banner design award
    • Infographic Design Award
    • Business Card Design Award
    • Catalog Design Award
    • Website Design Award
    • ebook design award
  • How much do graphic designers earn?
  • average salary of a graphic designer
  • Last word

Average Hourly Rates for Graphic Designers

Graphic Design Awards (2023) | Hourly rates, price list and guide (1)

Graphic designer hourly rates may vary$ 15For$ 150depending on your level of experience. The average cost of hiring a freelance designer is$31.25 per hour.

When it comes to employed graphic designers, the average hourly wage is$26 per hour, OKZipRecruiter(October 2020).

Remember this:

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  • The entry (or beginner) level is aLow levelSpecialist: someone who is new to the field and has no prior experience.
  • junior has aAverageKnowledge level and is someone who is above entry level and usually claims to have anywhere from a few months to 3 years of experience.
  • greater is ahigh qualitySpecialist. He has more than 3-5 years of experience, he is one of the top managers of the project and he is in a senior position. They also offer guidance to young graphic designers.

However, due to the variety of factors, it is quite difficult to determine the final cost for each designer.

For example, UX, video, or web designers often earn more than banner or postcard designers.

Also, most designers have a degree in graphic design as some of the high quality projects can not only be time consuming but also require a lot of knowledge and experience.

There are situations where more than a few reviews are needed or the project is on a tight deadline. Advise the client and sometimes manage additional tasks such as B. text creation,photo editingor other complexities should be considered additional payment.

Freelance Graphic Designer Awards

On average, freelance graphic designers can charge between $13 and $150 per hour.

Graphic Design Awards (2023) | Hourly rates, price list and guide (2)

Based on information from top freelance job sites likeprocessing,In factmipeople per hour, the average price for each level of freelance designer is:


$13 - $45 per hour


$45 - $90 per hour


$90 - $130 per hour


$100 - $150+ per hour

You can find many freelance graphic designers on online marketplaces that charge as little as $13 per hour. However, professional graphic design services with quality results can cost $100-$150 per hour.

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In many cases, freelance graphic designers tend to charge per project. A project can cost anywhere from $50 to over $1,000 depending on the number of hours required to complete the entire task.


Hobbyist graphic designers often have an online portfolio and, in some cases, have already sold parts of their services to other clients.

Despite this, they do not have professional graphic design experience, but offer much lower prices.


These are mostly part-time graphic designers with more than a year of experience and well-trained in the field.

Sometimes they are supervised by an experienced designer.


These full-time graphic designers are qualified, experienced, and not only educated in school, but probably took a few additional courses, and have a very broad portfolio.


Full-time dedicated graphic designers like these are of great interest to major press agencies and digital advertising companies. These graphic designers have years of experience and are well known in the industry.

When talking about pricing, you need to understand the following:

Being a freelancer means not only being your own boss, but also being the only one responsible for everything. So if you want to be a successful freelancer, remember that you also have to be successful in project management and marketing.

Do not forget that the self-employed must also pay taxes. Also, clients expect designers to have all the equipment that includes not only computers but also all editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW and many others.

Prices of graphic design services that you can get online

99designsStarting at $49 per contest
DesignCrowdStarting at $59 per competition
48 hours-Logo$129-299 per competition
A flower$599 to $995/month for unlimited design
ManyPixelName$439-1,199/month for unlimited theme
designer pickles$499 to $1695/month for unlimited design
cincoFrom $10-$1000+ per project

Graphic Design Pricing Table

Here is the average flat fee graphic design price list:


$ 200


$ 500


$ 150


$ 100- $ 2000 +

visiting letter

$ 200


1.000 $

web design award

De US$ 1.000 a US$ 10.000


$200 per side

Unlike a salaried graphic designer, freelancers tend to calculate their wages by the hour.

But sometimes it can be useful to price the entire project in the same way.

Here is a situation:

You are an experienced graphic designer and you have already done a great job. This means that you should already be familiar with pricing, since you know how much time you have previously spent on your projects. This allows you to immediately set the price for the entire project.

It's just an easier way to save some time.

Some of the jobs may be print design or branding while others may involve creating online websites or billboards.

How do the prices differ for these individual projects?

Find out below.

Postcard Design Award

The price of creating a design for a postcard or brochure varies between$75 (low)For$ 450 + (hoch).

A personalized postcard can be created in 1 to 3 hours. Graphic designers sometimes provide more than one design or design version.

logo design award

If you are looking for something light and simple, the cost may be higher.$ 100 - $ 200.

But if you're part of a company and looking for a quality design that will last, it should at least cost$ 300 - $ 1300.

Most likely, you will need the most capable and highly professional graphic design consultants and specialists for these projects, as this work will shape your brand image.

banner design award

Unless you design your banner withbody, it will cost more than $0.

Banners are usually made in different sizes. The average price of a single banner can vary$50 (low) to $350 (high)and it takes about 2 hours to do it.

Infographic Design Award

An infographic can costfrom $100 to $300if it was created by a freelance graphic designer. However, this does not guarantee that it will be very professional.

If you hire an agency, you can be sure that they will charge you US$ 500 a US$ 2.000by infographic. An agency based on infographics can ask for even more.

Infographics are in high demand as users demand more visual content. In fact, infographics are thefourth most popular type of content marketing. However, keep in mind that its manufacture requires a lot of experience and visual elements.

Business Card Design Award

The cost of creating a business card depends on your needs.

There are several tools to create one for free. However, if you want something more professional, a fee will be charged.$ 100for easy and around1.000 $for a high-quality business card design from a professional graphic designer. When you choose a design agency with a full-service team, prices can go up.$ 2.500+.

Catalog Design Award

Designing a catalog can cost approx.$ 125 For $300 per side.

The process of designing a catalog can take anywhere from 5-7 days to 4-6 weeks, depending on the number of pages the catalog has.

For example, a 32-page catalog might costUS$4,000 to US$9,600.

Website Design Award

Website design has a very wide price range, depending on the size, style, and other factors of the website.

A simple website with few pages can cost aroundUS$ 1.000 a US$ 10.000.

A website of a few hundred pages can costUS$ 15.000 a US$ 100.000.

ebook design award

Hand-assembling your e-book by a digital expert can cost anything$ 200For2.500 $.

These prices may vary by location.

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How much do graphic designers earn?

Tierraaverage annual salaryaverage hourly rate
Swiss72.980 $$ 35,09
Luxembourg67.494 $32,45 $
Bermuda Islands66.694 $
$ 32,06
USA64.525 $$ 31,02
Denmark60.900 $29,28 $
Australia57.642 $27,71 $
Norway57.222 $27,51 $
You have55.991 $26,92 $
Germany52.395 $25,19 $
Belgium51.855 $24,93 $
United Arab Emirates51.727 $24,87 $
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region51.369 $24,70 $
Netherlands51.343 $24,68 $
Austria51.213 $24,63 $
Isla49.553 $23,82 $
Ireland49.405 $23,76 $
bahamas47.922 $23,04 $
Finland47.581 $22,87 $
Singapore46.995 $22,59 $
New Zealand46.985 $22,59 $
France45.952 $$ 22,09
Britain44.806 $21,54 $
Japan43.012 $20,68 $
Israel41.393 $19,90 $
Italia40.848 $19,63 $
Sweden39.447 $18,96 $
taiwan37.103 $17,84 $
spain35.937 $17,28 $
Saudi Arabia33.927 $16,31 $
Malta32.533 $15,64 $
South Korea29.444 $14,16 $
Greece28.999 $13,94 $
Georgia28.952 $13,92 $
Portugal28.313 $13,61 $
Porcelain27.666 $13,30 $
Panama25.770 $12,39 $
Slovakia24.381 $11,72 $
Guatemala23.981 $11,53 $
Czech Republic23.521 $11,31 $
Ecuador22.760 $10,94 $
South Africa20.626 $9,92 $
Chile19.820 $9,52 $
Estonia19.664 $9,45 $
Poland19.563 $10,94 $
Croatia19.289 $9,27 $
Malaysia18.512 $8,90 $
Indonesia16.637 $$ 8,00
Costa Rica16.528 $7,94 $
Russia16.178 $7,78 $
Brazil16.121 $7,75 $
Hungary15.891 $7,64 $
Uruguay15.768 $7,58 $
Trinidad and Tobago15.710 $7,55 $
thailand15.053 $7,24 $
14.960 $7,19 $
Irak14.632 $$ 7,03
Vietnam14.149 $6,80 $
Mexico13.162 $6,33 $
Rumania13.053 $$ 6,27
Morocco12.372 $5,95 $
Bulgaria12.329 $5,92 $
Ukraine10.520 $5,06 $
Peru9.034 $4,34 $
Se$ 8.9054,28 $
Argentina8.696 $4,18 $
filipinas$ 7,7963,75 $
Kazakhstan7.789 $3,74 $
Bosnia Herzegovina$ 7.7413,70 $
Colombia$ 7.4483,59 $
Egypt6.990 $3,36 $
Pakistan6.501 $$ 3,13
Peru4.664 $$ 2,24
belarus$ 3.1461,51 $

Those:Salary Specialist. Please note that the salaries in the table are approximate and most have been converted to USD from foreign currencies. Last verified in July 2022.

The top 5 countries in terms of annual graphic designer salaries are:

  1. Swiss
  2. Luxembourg
  3. Bermuda Islands
  4. USA
  5. Denmark

average salary of a graphic designer

Graphic Design Awards (2023) | Hourly rates, price list and guide (3)

Department of Labor Statisticsshowed that the median annual salary for graphic designers in the US in 2018 was54.680 $.

Below you can see the list of the 10 highest paid states for their graphic designers:

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Graphic Design Awards (2023) | Hourly rates, price list and guide (4)

Graphic designers salary is mainly based on their experience and skill. As we can see, it also depends on the location.

The good news?

These are the salaries for 2018.

In 2023, we continue to see an increase in digitization: rise of NFTs, increase in demand for a more professional design in social media posts, websites, etc. This means that the need for graphic designers is growing.

Last word

Most designers start their careers at a creative agency and then move on to a larger company or corporation to work with a single brand.

It is important to understand how much you are worth as a graphic designer. Low prices can make you seem inexperienced and unqualified.

On the contrary, very high prices can also scare off your potential customers. They might think you're asking too much and look for a cheaper option.

The best way is to create your own pricing table or template. you can find manyFühreronline to help you create one.

Remember to rate things like:

  • Experience
  • art project
  • final term
  • waste of time
  • the auditory
  • Lead
  • other complexities
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Prices can go up or down based on these main factors.


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