How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10 (2023)

How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10 (1)

In general, most users will not face any significant difficulties installing or upgrading to Windows 10. However, creating an operating system that works on thousands of hardware configurations is a complex task, so expect some PCs to struggle.

A common problem that many users often encounterwindow 10Flickering or flickering on the screen, which is probably caused by incompatible applications or video drivers.

In this Windows 10 guide, we will walk you through the steps to troubleshoot and fix the flickering issue you may be experiencing on your computer.

  • How to fix screen flickering issues
  • How to uninstall incompatible apps
  • How to update graphics drivers

How to fix screen flickering issues

The first thing you need to do is find out what is causing your screen to flicker.

You can find this out quickly by opening Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and selectingTaskmanager, or you can use theCtrl + Shift + Esckeyboard shortcuts.

The next step is to pay attention to the screen and see if the task manager is flickering.

If everything flashes on the screen but Task Manager doesn't, it's an incompatible application. If Task Manager flickers along with everything else on the screen, the problem is most likely with your graphics drivers.

How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10 (2)

After finding the general cause of the problem and following the troubleshooting steps, follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

  • How to uninstall incompatible apps
  • How to update graphics drivers

How to uninstall incompatible apps

Although there are a large number of apps that can cause problems, in general you can narrow them down to antivirus and third-party apps designed for older versions of Windows.

If you have Norton Antivirus, iCloud, and IDT Audio installed, these apps are known to cause problems.

To uninstall incompatible apps, do the following:

  1. OpenIdeas.
  2. click onSystem.
  3. click onapplications and functions.
  4. Select the app that is causing the problem and clickuninstall.
  5. Cliqueuninstallagain to confirm.

How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10 (3)

If you uninstall an app from the store, you don't have to do anything else. However, when you uninstall a traditional desktop application, you have to go through the uninstall process.

Alternatively, you can use the Control Panel to uninstall a problematic desktop app.

  1. OpenSwitchboard.
  2. click onUninstall a program.
  3. Select the app you want to remove.
  4. Cliqueuninstalland follow the uninstall process.

How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10 (4)

(Video) How to Fix Laptop Screen Flickering issue on Windows 10[Solved]

After uninstalling the apps that might be causing the problem, restart your computer and see if that fixes the problem.

If you've successfully resolved the issue but need the app, check the software company's support site for more information, an updated version, or alternative options that work on Windows 10.

How to update graphics drivers

If Task Manager flickers along with everything else on the screen, the problem is most likely with the graphics driver.

In this case, it is recommended to remove the current graphics driver while the computer is in safe mode and reinstall the latest driver update.

To start your computer in safe mode, do the following:

  1. OpenIdeas.
  2. click onupdates and security.
  3. click onrecreation.
  4. Select under Advanced startupRestart now.

How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10 (5)

  1. click onsolve problems.
  2. click onExpanded options.
  3. click onStartup Settings.

How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10 (6)

  1. click onContinue.
  2. After the computer restarts, select the option4start atsecurity mode. Alternatively, you can select the option5beginSafe Mode with Networking.

How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10 (7)

To uninstall the graphics card driver, do the following:

  1. use theWindows-Taste + XKeyboard shortcut to open and select the Power User menudevice manager.
  2. click to enlargedevice adapter.
  3. Right-click the adapter and select ituninstall.

How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10 (8)

  1. ChooseDelete the driver software for this deviceselection box
  2. CliqueOKConfirm.

How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10 (9)

  1. Restart the computer.

To reinstall the graphics drivers, do the following:

  1. OpenIdeas.
  2. click onupdates and security.
  3. click onWindows Update.
  4. click noCheck for updatesto download and install the latest graphics driver.

How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10 (10)

Windows Update always offers the most compatible device drivers, but that doesn't mean it's the latest version available. Alternatively, instead of using Windows Update, you can manually download and install the required driver from the graphics card manufacturer's website; Of course, you need to know what graphics card is installed in your computer, which you can find atFind your system information.

Here is a list of the most popular support sites for downloading the latest graphics drivers:

As a last resort, if the latest driver doesn't fix the flickering issue on your computer, you can try downloading and installing an older version of the driver from the manufacturer's support site (if available). While you may miss out on new improvements and features, there may be times when an older version of the driver works better on your computer.

The caveat with installing an older version of the driver is that Windows Update may attempt to replace it with a newer version. If the older version works on your computer, you can do thistemporarily prevent the operating system from updating a specific driver.

Have you managed to fix the flickering screen in Windows 10? Did you use another method?Tell us in the comments below.

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How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10 (11)

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  • I have this problem on my Lumia 930. The screen flickers on white background and mostly when browsing on Edge.

  • So also here with my L930. I must say that while I can get this item, it is not mobile friendly.

  • This sounds like a previous error I received while watching videos. What version are you on?

    (Video) HP Laptop Screen Flicker When Using Trackpad After Windows 11 Update
  • I've heard that for some people the battery was the problem. They changed it and the problem went away. Although I'm not sure.

  • Lumia 930... Same here!!!

  • Yes, and you're running build 9986, right?

  • Battlefield 1 is one of the problematic programs

  • Uninstall Chrome in Opera :(

  • FYI: This is a test virtual machine. :) Thanks Mauro

  • I believe this happens on any battery powered Windows 10 device when the reported remaining power drops below 30%.

  • It actually started happening today with my Acer 7720. I have to go to him tomorrow.

  • This is done with the HP SimplePass digital printing software.
    I wonder if Microsoft intentionally broke it to force the windows hello. What's frustrating is that Windows Hello didn't implement half of the things that SimplePass could.

  • If SimplePass is designed for Windows 10, you should be fine.
    However, if it is a Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 program, then you should avoid it!

  • HP will never release newer versions.
    Fingerprint reading software is a feature of the operating system. The problem is that Microsoft is so far behind in the game that without Windows Hello it can't even reach the standard set by the OEMs. SimplePass just worked, never had any bugs in 8.1.
    For example, you can access websites with your fingerprint... Windows Hello doesn't do that yet.

  • I was having crazy random flickering on my XPS 15 9550. It was an irritating combination of sloppy BIOS updates, driver sweepstakes, and generally poor coding. I sold it to a poor soul in my local classifieds. Good 4k panel but the fun stopped there. I won't miss it

  • Too bad it doesn't work on the L830.

    (Video) Screen Blinking | flickering Problem Solved Pc and laptop
  • It also happens with my Nokia Lumia 730 running Windows 10 Mobile with Fast Insider Build 14977. The temporary fix is ​​to set the brightness to "Full" instead of "Auto". The brightness change is incorrect. The low, mid, high was shoddy.

  • You have problems with screen flickering on the Lumia 950xl! I haven't found a solution to the problem yet!

  • Turn the brightness up high for a few hours and see the difference.

  • It happens when I'm using Edge, so there's nothing I can do.

  • You can check if there is an incompatible graphics driver as mentioned in the article :)

  • Great but I need a tutorial for the screen flickering on my Lumia 830... I've had this problem for years...

  • Me too... What bothers me is that I bought a Lumia 650 and it's way worse than what I saw on my 830.

  • I've tried everything. Nothing helps!

  • If you are on a desktop and using a DisplayPort cable, replace the DP cable. Some of these went wrong

  • How to fix this, it happens regularly on my L730 and even the color inversion happens automatically.
    Cannot be set to auto brightness!

  • We had an issue where the taskbar, task manager, kept flickering. We activated the primary admin account and it didn't do this on that account, so it was linked to the account. In the end I found out that the user profile was corrupted.


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