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Hide comments on facebook

Forhide a comment on facebook, open the Facebook post and scroll down to the comment you want to hide. Hover over the comment and click the three dots on the right. On the pop-up card, click the buttonhide commentPossibility

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Brands today are heavily dependent on promoting their products on Facebook and Instagram. But things get complicated when they manage multiple profiles, run multiple ad campaigns, and receive hundreds of comments on their ad posts.

Brand managers are looking for ways to hide comments on Facebook ads when they're not sure how to deal with all the negative, spam, and user comments they currently don't have a response to.

Are you ignoring these comments? Do you delete comments on Facebook? Or do you hide Facebook comments?

In this blog, we're going to explore how to hide comments in Facebook and Instagram ads.

We'll help you understand what kind of comments to hide on Facebook, along with step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

  • Should You Hide Comments in Facebook Ads?
  • How to hide comments in Facebook ads?
  • How to hide comments on Instagram ads?
  • Automatically hide comments on Facebook and Instagram with Statusbrew

As a brand, you want to voice control your Facebook posts to get your message across, but posting ads these days goes hand in hand with negative, spam, and unnecessary comments cluttering the comments section.

Hide comments on Facebook allows you to better manage your ad posts. You can remove spam and irrelevant comments to maintain the quality of your post and evenshow and reply laterfor relevant comments with a better response to build your brand reputation.

saw markedfor"269%" Boost users' positive mood simply by removing or hiding harmful comments and distractions

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You should consider hiding comments like these:

  • Spam- These are Facebook comments with links that can direct the user to virus and malware sites.
  • self-promotion- How often do we find people in ad posts trying to promote their own website or app?

How to Hide Comments on Facebook and Instagram Ads | state beer (3)

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  • Inappropriate content or language- This includes explicit language, racist, homophobic or sexist comments.
  • Trolls- These are the comments of users who insist on dragging your name through the dirt.

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Ignoring these comments could give your potential customers a distorted and unrepresented view of your brand and deter them from purchasing your products or services in the future.

What comments shouldn't you hide on Facebook?

In addition to the above types of feedback, if you receive feedback that is customer concern or constructive feedback, hiding the feedback on Facebook is not the best way. Here's what you can do instead.

Respond directly to comments on Facebook

Use this technique to reply to Facebook comments instead of immediately hiding them.


Try to understand where the user is coming from. Ask the right questions to solve customer problems


Accept that customer concerns are real and address them. Make them feel heard.


Remember there is a human on the other side. Try to make the interaction as human as possible.

To control the voice of your Facebook promotional posts, you can hide comments on Facebook by following the steps below.

Hide comments on facebook

These are the steps to hide a comment on Facebook:

  • Open the Facebook post and scroll down to the comment you want to hide.
  • Hover over the comment and click the three dots on the right
  • From the pop-up card, select Hide Comment

How to Hide Comments on Facebook and Instagram Ads | state beer (5)

Now you must be wonderingWhat happens when you hide a comment on Facebook?. If you hide a comment on Facebook, the comment will be hidden from the public but the user will not be notified. However, the user and your audience may notice if you often hide genuine comments. So be careful when using them.

And while Facebook will send you notifications about activity happening on your Facebook page and profile (including comments on all your posts), commenting on ads isn't considered activityYou will not receive a notification.

You must manually review each ad post through Ads Manager to monitor and hide comments on your posts.

Hide Facebook Comments in Ads Manager

Here's how to hide comments on Facebook ads:

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  • Underad manager, go to the Ads level and check the box next to the selected ad
  • Click Edit (below the display name) to open the side panel.
  • click noHow to Hide Comments on Facebook and Instagram Ads | state beer (6)above the ad preview on the right to access the dropdown menu
  • From the drop-down menu under View post, select theFacebook post with comments

How to Hide Comments on Facebook and Instagram Ads | state beer (7)

  • Click on the little dots next to the comment and selecthide comment.

How to Hide Comments on Facebook and Instagram Ads | state beer (8)

How do I disable comments on Facebook posts and ads?

although it is very simpleDisable comments on Facebook group postsDoing this for page posts and announcements can be very difficult. Facebook doesn't offer a way to disable comments on your Page posts and ads. There are two solutions if you want to disable comments on your Facebook Page posts and ads.

Disable comments using Facebook moderation

PS Disables comments on all your Facebook posts and ads.

For this to work, add everyday symbols like "." and words like "a", "you", etc. to the list of forbidden keywords in your Facebook Page management. You can find this option inFacebook Page Settings > General > Page Moderation. This will hide any comments you've received on your Facebook posts and ads.

How to Hide Comments on Facebook and Instagram Ads | state beer (9)

However, if you just want to disable comments on a few posts and ads while still engaging with your other content, the method below will work for you.

Disable comments on Facebook with Statusbrew

Statusbrew allows you to disable comments on a specific post with its awesome feature: "Rules Engine". With Statusbrew's rules engine, you can create a rule for a specific post and disable comments entirely. To see how:

  • Go to the rules engine and create a new rule
  • Name the rule and select a Facebook profile connected to Statusbrew
  • Select "Post is" as the condition and "Hide all comments" as the action.
  • Click save and you're done.

How to Hide Comments on Facebook and Instagram Ads | state beer (10)

This rule would disable commenting on select Facebook posts and ads while still allowing you to engage with all other posts.

It is important to get rid of unnecessary comments so that you can do thisChannel your effortsto respond to comments related to the publication of the ad and your brand. Which leads to our next to hide comments on instagramAnnouncements and Publications.

Instagram offers the ability to hide comments on Instagram ad posts. Learn how to hide comments on Instagram ads.

Hide comments on Instagram ads in Ads Manager

After connecting your advertising account to Ads Manager, you can manage your advertising posts on Instagram.

To hide comments on your Instagram ads in Facebook Ads Manager:

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  • Go toad manager
  • click onEdit campaignnext to the campaign that contains the desired Instagram ad
  • Click on the ads and select from the link drop-down listManage Instagram comments
  • You will see your Instagram ads with the comment section on the right
  • If you want to add a comment to the announcement post, write it in the boxAdd a commentcampo
  • To delete a comment, click the down arrow next to your comment and select itDelete commentno suspense menu
  • To hide or show a comment, click the same arrow next to your comment and selecthide commentÖShow commentsno suspense menu

How to hide comments on Instagram

Unfortunately, although Instagram allows you to hide comments on Instagram ads, you cannot manually hide comments on posts on Instagram Pages.

There is still a way to hide specific Instagram comments, here's how to do it. To hide comments on Instagram,

  • Go to the comments section of your page posts.

  • Touch and hold the comment (Android) or swipe left on the comment (iPhone)

  • tap onHow to Hide Comments on Facebook and Instagram Ads | state beer (11)and tap Restrict (username)

Once you've restricted a user, a popup will inform you that now only you and the user you restricted can see new comments on your posts.

However, this process is not feasible when you manage feedback at scale and receive thousands of comments every day.

If you're looking to hide comments on Instagram in a big way, we've written an in-depth blog post with actionable information on how to do ithow to hide instagram comments, disable comments on Instagram and much more.

know more about ithide likes on instagram

Can you remove comments from FB ads and Instagram ads?

Now that you know how to hide comments in Facebook and Instagram ads, you might be wondering: can you remove comments from FB and Instagram ads, and if so, which ones should you hide and remove?

Certain comments can make you appear less credible and trustworthy. They can even damage your brand. Removing all negative comments about your ad can also backfire as it's impossible to be in business without having a dissatisfied customer. At worst, it comes across as not taking customer service seriously. So do you have to choose wisely which ones to cut safely and which ones to leave alone?

As a general rule, you can safely remove comments that are factually irrelevant, unreasonable, or harmful. This includes:

  • Spam
  • Self-Promotional Comments
  • Comments with inappropriate language or content
  • cheeky trolley

Native platforms are a good place to start to address these issues, but they don't focus enough on eliminating them completely.

Because of this, we generally recommend using a managed service like Statusbrew, which is designed to handle spam comments. This gives you more time for planning, marketing and answering important inquiries.

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We tried many platforms but none could respond to dynamic ad comments... until we found Statusbrew! - Kimberly S
Marketing Director, Think Huge Limited.

Over 1,000 customers use Statusbrew to:

  • Elimination of spam in ads and posts.
  • Offer customer service on social media.
  • Building reputation on social platforms
  • Dealing with negative comments/bot
  • Increase click-through rate on ads
  • Visualization of your eCommerce/Shopify funnel

Try Statusbrew for yourself or book oneFree trial periodContact us to learn how Statusbrew can work for your business.

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The Statusbrew platform has all the features you need to completely forget about spam in your ads.

Comment Moderation

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about comment moderation on Facebook.

What happens when you hide a comment from a Facebook ad?

When you hide a comment on your Facebook ad, only the person who created the comment and Page admins can see it. Other people who find your ad on Facebook will not be able to see this comment.

How are comments removed from ads?

You can manually hide or remove comments on your Facebook ads by clicking the three-dot menu next to a comment in Meta Business Suite or through the Facebook Ads Manager.

Can people see hidden comments in Facebook ads?

A hidden comment is only visible to Page admins and the person who wrote the comment.

How do I make my comments private?

You can make your Facebook comments private by changing your post's visibility. Facebook doesn't give you direct control over the visibility of your comment, it's visible to people who can see that specific post or ad.

Can You Disable Comments On Facebook Ads In 2022?

Facebook does not provide a direct way to disable comments on Facebook ads. However, there are workarounds that you can use to restrict comments on your Facebook ads.

Statusbrew allows you to automatically hide comments on your ads or for a specific announcement post, giving you full control over your comments section.

Try it for free!


  • comment management


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