Parties of a door: Get to know the anatomy of a door (2023)

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Buy a new door or is there a door in your house that needs to be repaired? You can benefit from the glossary of the door parts.

July 13, 2022

If you are working with a door replacement or a new compilation project and are overloaded with all the technical terms, we claim it. This publication breaks all parts of a door so that you understand the terminology and how all the pieces and pieces are understood.Talking with contractors and resellers makes it easier for your project to choose the right door for your project.

Door frame

The side buttons, head flows and muls are the parts from which the picture consists.MadeiraBut it can also be doneAluminium, So,glass fiberor composed material. You can order door frames (ready to paint) or with a factory finish in different colors.


The upper horizontal section of a window door or structure is called a head flow.

Jamba de Porta Gegen

A door is a single part of a door frame. The vertical components of the door frame forms in the shape of the page and the upper horizontal door is the upper horizontal door.

Mullion (Mull)

If two individual windows or a door and a window are connected, the seam between the tables of the two units is called a mull that is abbreviated for the duty. In general, it is hidden with a piece of finish called Mull Housing (see additional definition below).

Parties of a door: Get to know the anatomy of a door (1)Figure 1. shows the parts of the door, including: head flow, side stop, housing, mulion (mull), threshold, side light and Vidrasing.


Fähnriche are the lower component of a door frame. They are the part of the sealed door and are connected to the floor.outsideÖGarage) There are potter.Find out how to prepare a floor for a potter.


A threshold is the protective cover that covers the potter. Normally, it is inclined to spill the water outside. The threshold values consist of permanent materials such as metal or fiber optic because they have to be strong enough to support strong pedestrian traffic.

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The glasses are just another word for glass on a door or a window. The glasses in the latest outer doors like this are formed by at least two glass layers and sometimes three.To deliver insulation. Fast invisible for glass coatings are added to manage or reflect the amount of light and heat by windown.increase.Find out more about glasses.

Co -children

The side lights are high and narrow windows on one or both sides of a door. The side lights enable more light in the entrances, the views improve and can create a more cozy point experience.Get more information about the page lights and if you want to install A.


Window and doorEnclosureThe finish is designed so that the gaps between the window or the frame frame and the surface of the inner wall are hidden.

Parties of a door: Get to know the anatomy of a door (2)Figure 2. shows the brick shape and the time extraction


The brick shape is an outer housing to hide the space between the window or the structure of a door and the surface of the outer wall. The brick shape is thicker than most inner coating finish profiles and offers a buffer between the window/door and brick or brickother surrounding coatings.brickIt can consist of wood, aluminum, PVC, glass fiber or composite materials and is part of the door where a door or storm door is attached.

Time deviation

At the exterior doors, the change time helps to seal the rooms between the frame of a door and a closed pure plate.The time is usually turned from resistant and flexible material such as silicone, rubber or foam.



The time of time at the bottom of a door panel creates a climate -resistant barrier between a door plate and the potter.


In an exterior disposal of double doors such as the previous one, a astragal covers the seam between the two doors and is equipped over time to prevent wind and water from getting into the house.


A rear is a narrow window on a door or a window. The most strict windows do not work, but if this is the case, they are usually articulated as a awning window at the top.efficient energyMuntin's bars were widely replaced byBARRAS SDLThis rests on the surface of the glass.



The CLILHAs are beams that create the effect of shared liters, but are removable for simple glass cleaning. Griles-bed-o-glass (GBG) are also available. As the name already says, GBG bars are permanently between themare installed, cleaning and low maintenance.

Muntin Bars

Until the middle of the century, large glass panels were fragile and expensive to create.Muntin's sticks contribute to producing large glass extensions from smaller individual panels (they are not shown).

Parties of a door: Get to know the anatomy of a door (3)Figure 3. Show in rear, SDL and astragal poles

Parties of a door: Get to know the anatomy of a door (4)Figure 4. shows the upper rail, the plate, the lock style, the hole hole, the mulion, the lower rail, the shape, the hinge style, the middle rail, the hinge


A door slab that is sometimes called the plate refers to the entire part of the front door and back.


The narrow horizontal segments in the door plate are referred to as information. This door has an upper, lower part and an intermediate track.


A style is the narrow vertical segment, which is located on both sides of a door slab, it is called locking and the other hinge style.


A caser is similar to a style. It is the vertical component that separates two panels in the middle of the door between the rails.

It seems to shape

The frame to stop the door is connected to a door frame. Subject the door trim within the structure and prevent the plate from balancing the opening.


This is the hardware piece with which the door can open and close. The ports of the standard size have three hinges, but the largest doors have four or more.


A hole is drilled on a door to absorb a set of blockages.

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The sentence of locks refers to handles, locks, locks, coup plates and all other hardware components with which a door can be waited and blocked, and blocks are also referred to as straps or hardware.


A mango, a button or a lever is the door hardware component with which the door plate is highlighted and the door is pulled. There are many styles and surfaces to choose from.

Entrance ligaments

They are operated with a cylinder outside the door and a pressure or a rotary knob inside.


Make a push block button or turn inside, but not the other.


You have no blocking mechanism.


A door lock is an axis that is projected from the edge of a door plate, and the door frame that holds the plate in its place. If the door knob is rotated, the lock closes, which opens the door.


Similar to a lock, an term is an axis that is projected out of the door plate and from the door frame that holds the plate in place. And they usually separate from the belt set, which means that a door with a immersion soundAn additional hole is required. Several hardware systems offer even more protection than a combination of lock and boat combination.Home automationThe systems are available.

Thumb curve

A bolt is operated by turning the thumb in a house and through a cylinder abroad.

Mortaja plates

These plates give the locks, real estate and the door window strength, which avoids forced entry.

Parties of a door: Get to know the anatomy of a door (5)

Parties of a door: Get to know the anatomy of a door (6)

Give courts

The attack tables give the door frame force, which contributes to avoiding forced entry.


The hearing are decorative plates that can be found in the surrounding handles, thumb curves and cylinders. They are designed in such a way that they protect the surface of the panels of the cuts and scratches.

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