The 25 best paid players at NFL in 2022: Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray set the standard (2023)

NFL's free agency arrives every March. And every year NFL teams distribute hundreds of millions of dollars to improve their teams and fight a Super Bowl.

The low season of NFL 2022 was no different. The list of the highest paid player in the league will certainly change.

Some of the changes in the list ofBetter paid players of 2021The free agent market will occur. I said more of them are created by extensions or contracts according to the best talents in the league.

For example, Aaron Rodgers has signed a profitable expansion and becomes more than 50 million US agreements to Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams.

Advance:NFL's most paid QBs by 2022 in AAV, total content, guarantees

Explosive and recipient market markets will certainly produce some new highly paid actors, but will not sleep on the market for the first pass runner of the first level. NFL teams are always looking for solid passports, so players like T.J.Watt, JoeyBosa and Aaron Donald do it. Ameaça is the highest paid defensive players in the NFL.

Setting the best paid NFL player can be an inaccurate science. She can focus on what a player does in the guarantees, what he does every time or what he does every year during the contract. Generally, classifying the annual valueIt's the best way to do this.

Here is a look at the highest paid players in the league by 2022, with all the salary

This story is updated because contracts are signed in season 2022.

The 25 best paid players at NFL in 2022: Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray set the standard (1)

Best Players of NFL 2022

1. Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers

  • Annual salary: $ 50.3 million

Rodgers signed a three -year length with the Packers, who will make him the highest paid player at NFL in 2022., 6 million. Money is also most of a NFL player in history.17 years of career with the Packers.

2. Russell Wilson, QB, Broncos

  • Annual salary: $ 49 million

Wilson was converted into bronchos in the low season of 2022. As a result, she did not have her position among the highest paid players in the League until she received a five -year length of the new group of property to Denver. Season regularly before losing in 2021After a finger injury. Old Seahawk played an average of 3,987 aerial yards, 31 pass touchdowns and nine interceptions for 17 games in his career. During his second season, he also won a Super Bowl and was appointed man of the year by WalterPayton until 2020.

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3. Kyler Murray, QB, Cardenales

  • Annual salary: 46.1 million US dollars

Murray has signed a five -year and $ 230.5 million length with the letters this season low and blocked her in the near future. Only 24 years old, the talented launched her passenger assessment since she entered the League in 2019.Having some playoffs, Murray is one of the best young people in the league. Now he is paid as one.

4. Deshaun Watson, QB, Browns

  • Annual salary: $ 46 million

Cleveland QB, accused of 22 civil actions and 10 criminal complaintsInappropriate sexual behavior and sexual aggressionHe signed a five -year and $ 230 million contract with the Browns after arriving before the deal.

5. Patrick Mahomes, QB, Jefes

  • Annual salary: $ 45 million

Mohomes has been a starter in two Super Bowls in his four years and at least never lost the AFC Championship game. He should regret the richest NFL contract, $ 450 million, who sent the richest contractat NFL and US $ 450 million.

6. Josh Allen, QB, faturas

  • Annual salary: $ 43 million

In August 2021, all signed a contract that values them, guarantee $ 150 million, as many in NFL history before Rodgers's last agreement. He improved considerably in each of his four NFL seasons and led Bills to VictoriasTwo -digit and appearances on playoffs in three consecutive seasons. It was a total of 42 touchdowns and a 763 yards per race in 2021. It also started 637 yards and nine touchdowns in two 2022 off -season games before the accounts before the accountswere eliminated by the bosses in the playoff division round.

7. Derek Carr, QB, Raiders

  • Annual salary:40.5 million US dollars

Carr has found good luck with the Raiders in recent years and showed them the season in playoffs in 2021.

T-8.dak Prescott, QB, Cowboys

  • Annual salary: $ 40 million

Prescott returned from an anxious devastating in 2020 and registered a termination of 68.8 and 37 Pass touchdowns in 2021 in his career.He has a professional record of 53-32 as a starter, but he has only 1: 3 in four winners.

The 25 best paid players at NFL in 2022: Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray set the standard (2)

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T-8.Matthew Stafford, QB, Rams

  • Annual salary:US $ 40 million

Stafford finally got his ring, which led the RAM to the fame of the Super Bowl in 2021. The first overall selection had one of the best seasons of his career in this process and started by almost 4,900 yards and 41 touchdowns, including playoffs.

10. Kirk Cousins, QB, Vikings

  • Annual salary: $ 35 million

Cousins was brought to Minnesota to overcome the hunchback. He did not do that, but it started at least 4,200 yards and 33 touchdowns in successive seasons. However, he is alone in his career as a holder with 59-59 .500 alone.-2-2-2-2.

11. Jared Goff, QB, Leones

  • Annual salary: $ 33.5 million

Goff signed a lucrative deal with the RAMs, but was treated with the lions as part of Matthew Stafford.sean McVay.

12. Carson Wentz, QB, Comandates

  • Annual salary: $ 32 million

Wentz signed a long -term extension with the Eagles, but was changed shortly after the Colts after the start of 15 league interceptions in 2020 and in favor of Jalen Hurts in the League. Wentz numbers were better in 2021 and he had 27 touchdownsCompared to seven interceptions, but Colts had only a 9-8 record and saw Wentz 6.9 meters to try. He was changed again in 2022 and will now try to prove his value with the commander.

13. Aaron Donald, DT, Rams

  • Annual salary:31.6 million US dollars

Previously on this list No. 23, Aaron Donald was the second Aaron this season, which negotiated a large length. Defensive RAMs signed an agreement with a two -year amount for $ 65 million, with an optional third year for $ 30 millions.

The agreement is connected to Donald's existing contract at the age of three, but before the Super Bowl and after the RAM's victory, Donald's first career, continued to be createdI reflected on retirementIf he and the RAMs could not review his treatment.

Donald has 98 career and has just won his first Super Bowl. He was seven years in a row and won the AP Award defender in three of the last five years. He never has less than eight earnings in one season and once 20.5League records, only two recipes from the 22.5 record Strahan and Watt from the location of the defensive attack.

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The restructuring of the Donald Treaty has gone an increase of $ 40 million over the next two years, up to $ 65 million.Donald has an option for the third year, the additional 30 million of 95 million.

Aaron Donald's contract makes him better paid QB in the history of NFL.

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T-14 Matt Ryan, QB, Colts

  • Annual salary: $ 30 million

The 4,000 -meter Matt Ryan stripes came to an end in 2021, when he reached 3,968 air centers as a whole. Ryan is not the same player who won the MVP in 2016 and brought the Falcons to a Super Bowl, but it is still oneSolid Marshal de Campo veteran. You should have the opportunity to show this with the Colts in your first season.

T-114.Tyreek Hill, WR, Delfines

  • Annual salary:US $ 30 million

Cheetah took his purse this low season and competed in Miami with a four -year contract and $ 120 million in Miami.Hill is better at 28 years old. The league history.

16. Ryan Tannehill, QB, Titanen

  • Annual salary: $ 29.5 million

Since he escaped Adam Gases in Miami, Tannehill has a 30: 13 to 27 TD-TN in three seasons as head of the Titan.

The 25 best paid players at NFL in 2022: Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray set the standard (3)

17.TJ Watt, Kante, Steelers

  • Annual salary: 28.003 million US dollars

Watt did an admirable job that established his brother JJ's, Shadow and as one of the most feared border corridors in the league. The 26 -year -old has just ended a campaign in which he recorded 22.5 capture and pulled Michael's NFL record recordStrahan.

18. Davante Adams, WR, Raiders

  • Annual salary: $ 28 million

The Packers exchanged the first two teams of AP All-Pro-Pro against the Raiders against the first and second round at NFL 2022, and the Raiders rewarded Adams, making him better paid by NFL, even if they are in it,Tyreek Hill The category was surpassed shortly thereafter.

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19. DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Cardinals

  • Annual salary: 27.25 million US dollars

Hopkins signed an extension in 2020, which added two years and $ 54.5 million to the current contract.In nine seasons and although it loses six due to suspension in 2022, it is usually a reliable number 1 target.

20. Joey Bosa, of, leave

  • Annual salary: US $ 27 million

Bosa is a great capture artist and captured an average of 12 during his career in 17 games. AP's defensive rookie in 2016 and will not find the NFL on July 27, 2022 for a long time before his young relatives.

21. Cooper Kupp, WR, Rams

  • Annual salary:26.7 million US dollars

Kupp received his treatment after setting one of the best seasons in which all recipients made Bengals on their way to a Super Bowl MVP. To extend their stay in Tenseltown.

T-22.Myles Garrett, DE, Browns

  • Annual salary: $ 25 million

Garrett was announced at NFL during his career. The General Selection number 1 in NFL Draft 2017 was a total of 58.5 lace in five NFL seasons. He also has 11 loose balls during his career. This type of money is certainly worth the bestNFL passes.

The 25 best paid players at NFL in 2022: Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray set the standard (4)

T-22.AJ Brown, WR, Águilas

  • Annual salary: $ 25 million

Brown was treated by the Titans with the Eagles during the NFL design. Then he received four -year -dollar wounds will be derailed.

T24.STON DIGGS, QR, Faturas

  • Annual salary:US $ 24 million

Diggs was part of the large group that signed the mass offers this low season. Maryland student has just completed his fourth season with more than 1,000 reception rooms and won the honors All20.He voted for a four-year length and US$ 96 in one million with Buffalo in low season.

T-24.DK Metcalf, WR, Seahawks

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  • Annual salary:US $ 24 million

Metcalf became the penultimate beneficiary of 2022 to receive an enhanced contract and signed an extension of three years and $ 72 million, which reached an average of $ 24 million per year. He comes from a consecutive third season with at least 1,000Yard, although preserved, although available. In 2022, it will reveal if it will fit into one of the (or both) of Geno Smith and Drew Lock after Seattle Wilson moved to Broncos.

Zac al-Kateb contributed to this report.


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