The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (2023)

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is an open-world video game that offers a wide variety of playstyles and team customization. Players can progress through the game using unique strategies. Among many things that will give you a lot of variety, using a shield in AC Valhalla is essential when going out in close battles. With so many variations, players are often confused about which shield is best for them and where to buy it. OurThe best AC Valhalla shieldsThe guide mentions every type of shield in the game along with its stats and abilities so you can choose the perfect one for your playstyle.

Important points

  • in games likeA.C. Walhalla, Defense is as important asCrimeand so,A.C. WalhallahatshieldsforSchutz.
  • shieldsEmA.C. Walhallaare divided into two categories,luzjDifficultjbothhave your ownBenefitsjContrast.
  • ANDbest light protectionhave areWinged Shield, British Shield, Morrigan's Guard, Celtic Cross Shield,jspartan shield.
    • winged shieldincrease yourattackevery time youfusesEattackbut there is acooling downvon10 seconds.
      • winged shieldarrive atthe shed is cleanfor120 Opal.
    • british shieldrestore some of yourHealthAfter youfusesan atackand there is one too10 seconds cool down.
      • british shieldlocated within atemplenot foundsoutheastcalled the side of the mapThere is the Temple of Mithras in Lunden.
    • Morrigans WacheThe perk allows you to applypoison channelon your enemy every timefusesan atackand there is a30 seconds cool down.
      • Morrigans WacheIt's behind a huge door with three locks.found onblazeecestrescireis east ofColin Cleve.
    • celtic cross shieldlets you deal with moreDanoWith yourskills alwaysOfstop an attackit is difficult5 seconds.
      • celtic cross shieldcan be bought350 Helix Creditsdosave not computer.
    • spartan shieldIt is likewinged shieldwhere i knowincreaseyour attack after afusesbut the shield can do moreheavy damage.
      • spartan shieldstay belowOld Gravesham Bridgeand is behind a wall that can be broken by abeer mug
  • ANDTo improveDifficultshieldshave areSarcophagus Shield, Royal Guard, Runic Shield,jdragon shield.
    • sarcophagus shieldoffers great defense, but isgrow upturns into aincredible offenselike every time youfuses, Athe fire lightsAround you.
      • sarcophagus shieldis found in itDhustone-Steinbruchand it's in oneprisoner cageAt the end ofquarry.
    • Royal Guardit is good for swing playersheavy weaponsbecause every time youfuses, ANDDanotreated since thendifficultwaffenincrease.
      • Royal Guardcan be purchased atshield shopfor500 payment.
    • runic shieldlets treatextradamage with yourcapabilitiesevery time youhealth is full.
      • runic shieldwill be after completion ofViking mission for hire.
    • dragon shieldThe advantage is that, as long as you have thelock position,damage caused byheavy weaponsesincrease.
      • dragon shieldIt's in a red shack that's nearbyGreat River Ouse.

AC Valhalla offers a wide variety of shields to equip and use. The game has two main categories:

  1. light shield
  2. heavy shield

Best AC Valhallalight shields

Light Shields are medium-weight shields used by players who like to move their character quickly as they go into battle and do quick attack combos against their enemies. They are commonly used with axes,Mayalesand daggers. Light Shields don't affect movement speed much and allow your character to move quickly when fighting strong bosses. Here is the list of the best AC Valhalla light shields among many options.

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winged shield

Winged Shield is a mythic shield of light that increasesyour attack power after a parry. When fully upgraded, this Assassin's Creed Valhalla shield becomes a beast as it can take heavy attacks from opponents and block any type of heavy damage. It has the benefit of granting extra health and restoring damage from fire or poison.

The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (1)

The buff has a ten second cooldown, which isn't much compared to her abilities. So it might be worth taking this mighty shield with you in combat and in deadly fights.

Winged Shield Stats

Here are the fully updated Winged Shield stats.

  • Attack: 118
  • Speed: 50
  • Block: 148
  • stun: 179
  • Critical Chance: 89
  • Weight: 10

How to get winged shield

Getting this deadly shield is not that difficult as you can buy it fromRedas Laden.Be sure to purchase this shield before embarking on a challenging quest, as it proves that having a trusted guard by your side can turn the tide.

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british shield

Briton Shield is a unique shield of light that grants additional health in battle. Wielding this shield in one hand along with an ax or hammer in the other makes for a deadly combination. In addition to an extra health bar, the Briton Shield also gives you an impressive stun bonus.

The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (2)

The shield works similarly to the Spartan shield, but is easier to use, giving you speed and mobility in battle. Stun's high damage makes it perfect for use against serious enemies. It is also an ideal choice when completing theblood relationstory insideWrath of the Druids.

British Shield stats:

Here are the stats for a fully upgraded British Shield.

  • Attack: 120
  • Speed: 48
  • Block: 150
  • stun: 179
  • Critical Chance: 89
  • Weight: 10

How to get the British Shield:

British Shield seeThere is Temple des Mithrasa grove. This location is in the southeast corner of the map.

Morrigans Wache

Morrigan's Guard is one of the strongest shields of light in AC Valhalla, unlocked later in the game. You'll have to wait for the story to progress, but the shield is worth it. The shield is very easy to carry and has pretty decent stats, making it a challenge in battles.

The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (3)

It comes with an impressive advantage and has a33% chance to cast a poison channelon your enemies in response to blocking their attacks. This particular perk is very beneficial in critical situations as it hits multiple enemies and makes fighting them easier. You can also use it to kill legendary beasts as it blocks their attacks and drains their health faster.

Morrigan's Guard stats

Here are the stats for the Morrigan Guard upgraded to level 5.

  • Attack: 82
  • Speed: 52
  • Block: 101
  • stun: 143
  • Critical Chance: 75
  • Weight: 9

How to get Morrigan's Guard

To obtain the powerful Morrigan Guard shield, you must explore the Belas Knap area, which is directly east of theColin Clevelocated inblazeecestrescire. Once you reach the location, you'll find three large ones locked with three heavy padlocks. You can get your keys by exploring the area. Collect the keys and use them on the locks to access a mythical chest. Open the chest and loot the shield from there.

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celtic cross shield

The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (4)

Celtic Cross Shield is great against challenging bosses due to their distinct abilities. Most Light Shields have the bonus of granting additional health after blocking consecutive attacks. But this Valhalla shield is a little different as it increases your skill damage and allows you to go more offensively to deal heavy damage to enemies. In addition, it is lightweight, which facilitates handling.

Celtic Cross Shield-Statistiken

Here are the stats for a fully upgraded Celtic Cross Shield.

  • Attack: 120
  • Speed: 48
  • Block: 150
  • stun: 179
  • Critical Chance: 89
  • Weight: 10

How to get the Celtic Cross Shield

Like most shields of light, the Celtic Cross Shield can be purchased from any store in the game. You can buy it with Helix credits.

Broken wings

Broken Wings is one of themThe best AC Valhalla shieldsfor many players due to its high stats and affordable price. When your rations aren't enough to keep you in battle, this Assassin's Creed Valhalla shield steps in to save your life and grant you extra health when you need it.

The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (5)

The shield takes heavy hits and is a great combo in tough fights. It is lightweight, making it easy to handle and move quickly in battles to avoid enemy attacks. Stun and critical damage are also impressive.

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Broken Wing stats

  • Attack: 106
  • Speed: 52
  • Block: 151
  • stun: 137
  • Critical Chance: 73
  • Weight: 11

How to get broken wings

Broken Wings can be purchased from any shop if you have enough Helix Credits. Can also be purchased with Opalsthe shed is clean.

spartan shield

Spartan Shield is a well-balanced shield of light with impressive stats. Known for its attractive design, this rigid shield is considered a beast for fighting a large group of enemies. Increase your attack power after successfully blocking enemies' attacks. This perk is very beneficial in battles because it transfers the opponent's damage to yourself and makes it easier for you to fight aggressive opponents such as guards or berserkers.

The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (6)

While not as fast as a light shield, the shield is more demanding than any other light shield and can withstand heavy attacks to deflect heavy damage. It is also much more durable to stun your enemies. So, use this AC Valhalla shield to your advantage and block as many hits as possible.

Spartan Shield stats

Here are the stats for Spartan Shield Tier 3.

  • Attack: 78
  • Speed: 44
  • Block: 90
  • stun: 126
  • Critical Chance: 68
  • Weight: 13

How to get Spartan Shield

This Great Shield of Light is in a hidden area under theOld Gravesham BridgeborderPennyjEssex. Once you find the location, use the dust trap or oil bottle to destroy the wall and gain access to the shield. It can be found at the beginning of the game and can be taken towards the end of the game if you really like it.

Shield Dragon

Drekar Sheild is also worth mentioning for its valuable perks and stats. It is suitable for light to medium fights when dealing with guards or common thugs.

The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (7)

Keeping this Valhalla Shield Drekar by your side will give you a significant benefit as it restores your health.15%after successfully blocking five attacks from his enemies. The cool down timer is35 secondswhich is a little high. It also does impressive stun damage to help you out in sticky situations.

Dragon-Schild Estatísticas

Here are the stats for the Tier 2 Drekar Shield.

  • Attack: 74
  • Speed: 45
  • Block: 89
  • Stun: 134
  • Critical Chance: 71
  • Weight: 29

How to get the Drekar Shield

This Great Shield of Light can be purchased or found in a specific location. If you have a lot of coins in your pocket, you can easily buy them.500 platinumdel TamworthFortalezaEmlet her out. After upgrading your release, you can also buy fromKaufmann em Ravensthorpe.

If you're running low on Silver, there's also an alternate method to get the mighty Drekar Shield. To do so, explore theCavella Outpost in Hamtunscire. You can find a chest in the hidden room under the stadium. Open this chest and loot the shield from there.

Best AC Valhallaheavy shields

Heavy Shields are larger and more powerful shields in AC Valhalla and are usually combined with Heavy Axes and Swords. Using them can affect your movement speed, but they provide better protection against heavy hits. If you are faced with strong strategies where slow and steady strategies are more effective then these are the best option. Here is the list of the best heavy shields in AC Valhalla.

pancha and buckler

Plank and Buckler is a flawless heavy shield with an impressive design, and carrying it will reflect your strength and power. The shield has quite decent base stats and using it in intense battles will not give a disappointing result. The shield has a significant advantage, as it increases the damage of heavy attacks on the enemy after successfully blocking his attacks.

The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (8)

He has the ability to absorb heavy damage from his enemies to preserve his health and counterattack in return. The skill has a ten second cooldown, after which you can use it again. Although it is a little difficult to handle, it is not a burden for you.

Prancha e broquel statistics

Here's Plank and Buckler upgraded to level 2.

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  • Attack: 91
  • Speed: 24
  • Block: 116
  • stun: 135
  • Critical Chance: 62
  • Weight: 17

How did you getpancha and buckler

After progressing through the game, you can purchase this shield untouched from the shield shops on the map. It's worth investing in this Assassin' Creed Valhalla Shield before embarking on tough fights and battles.

sarcophagus shield

Sarcophagus Shield has a fire-based build and is popular with many AC Valhalla players. It has balanced stats and can turn your defensive moves into offensive attacks. While this shield's stats aren't the highest in its category, its offensive advantage makes it deadly and cheap. You can use this sign asarmadue to his ability to create a smoky circle around his character and damage the opponent by setting them on fire. Add some runes to increase the chances of activating the fire bonus and increasing your damage.

The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (9)

One problem with equipping this powerful shield is that it's a little big and slows down Eivor's movement, but equipping it has more pros than cons as it offers a pretty decent stun along with the fire damage, making it one of the best shields in the game. You can use this Valhalla shield against serious bosses with high health.

Sarcophagus's Shield Stats

Here are the Tier 2 updated stats for the Sarcophagus Shield.

  • Attack: 88
  • Speed: 28
  • Block: 115
  • stun: 136
  • Critical Chance: 64
  • Weight: 15

How to get the Sarcophagus Shield

The deadly sarcophagus is inDhustone-Steinbruch,found onSyrup. Once you reach the location, jump to the end.the quarryand enter the right passage to the prisoner's cage. From there, cross the pond to reach the other side. This will lead you to a secret chest that contains this mythical shield. Open the chest and gain access to it.

Royal Guard

The Royal Shield is a heavy shield suitable for players who prefer more offensive play with a shield. It is often combined with a dane ax or heavy hammer to maximize the result.

The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (10)

The shield has a great offensive buff that greatly increases the damage of your heavy attacks after blocking consecutive enemy hits. This remarkable skill allows you to block your opponent's heavy damage and attack harder in return. Royal Guard is useful in strong boss fights when you need to fight at close range.

Royal Guard stats:

Here are the updated Royal Guard stats for Tier 2.

  • Attack: 88
  • Speed: 28
  • Block: 115
  • stun: 136
  • Critical Chance: 64
  • Weight: 15

How to get the Royal Guard:

You don't have to worry about getting this heavy shield if you have enough silver coins, as it can be obtained from a shield shop in Tamworth Fortress. You can also get it from a dealer at500 platinum, saving the long journey to Tamworth Fort.

runic shield

Rune Shield has a classic look and feel with pretty decent stats even in its base variant, and upgrading that shield makes it an absolute beast in battle. It is a perfect combination with heavy axes. This Assassin's Creed Valhalla shield is best suited for defensive players who like to play on the safe side without taking too much damage from opponents, as the shield protects them from heavy damage. this is one ofThe best AC Valhalla shields.

The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (11)

You may want to stay healthy while soldering this shield, as this will allow you to+20 bonus skill damagewhen the health bar is almost full. This shield is also a little heavy to carry, but it prevents sneak attacks and heavy damage from your enemies.

Rune Shield stats

Here are the stats for the base Runeshield variant.

  • Attack: 87
  • Speed: 25
  • Block: 113
  • stun: 143
  • Critical Chance: 66
  • Weight: 16

How do I get the rune shield?

The Greater Rune Shield can be obtained by completing the'Viking de Aluguel'Quest that appears after completing ten Reda contracts after acclimatizationRavensthorpe. After completing the quest and fulfilling its conditions, you will receive this shield as a reward upon completion.

dragon shield

Kite Shield is a heavy shield in AC Valhalla that absorbs heavy hits from your opponent without causing damage to you. This shield's perk is unique in that it increases your powerful attacks based on how long you can resist enemy attacks. The more blows you block, the more power you gain from your attacks.

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The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (12)

The basic variant comes with good stats that can be increased by upgrading the shield. The heavy attack bonus can range from+4 to +40 attack points.The buff has a cooldown duration of onlythree secondsmaking it a very offensive shield. Like other heavy shields, it also affects the character's movement speed.

Dragon Shield stats

Here are the stats for the basic Kite Shield variant.

  • Attack: 87
  • Speed: 25
  • Block: 113
  • stun: 143
  • Critical Chance: 65
  • Weight: 16

How to get Dragon Shield

This shield is placed on theWandrienearby settlementbridge granted, located in the south corner ofMelbourneabout itbig river dareA. Once you arrive at the location, you will see a large hut with red inside the hut and find the powerful shield inside. Obtain it with a challenge and use it to your advantage on the battlefield.

Dragon shield made of oak

This is a heavy shield with high attack, block and stun damage. This shield is good for ranged combat due to its exceptional advantage as it boosts your ranged attacks after successfully blocking one. The shield has a hybrid nature, allowing you to use it in close combat as well.

The best AC Valhalla shields and how to get them [2023] (13)

Oaken Kite Shield is a little lighter than other shields of its type, but it is still difficult to handle and affects the character's movement to some extent. It has a cooldown of only 5 seconds and increases your ranged attacks by up to+15 impressive points.

the statistics

  • Attack: 90
  • Speed: 32
  • Block: 120
  • Stun: 150
  • Critical Chance: 69
  • Weight: 14

How did you get

Oaken Kite Shield is not that hard to obtain as you can find it by exploring thiscom maldunThe region is inEssex. Upon arrival, look for a tavern by the pools. There you'll find a breakable wall. Destroy it and loot the mighty shield there.

final verdict

Assassin's Creed Valhalla comes with an endless list of shields to equip. Choosing the best shield that fits your play style is real, as it will make you even more combative in your adventures. You can carry any shield you have on hand if you wish, but if you want an authentic gaming experience, experiment with different shields and choose the best one as your main shield for excellent results on the battlefield.

This includes ourAC Valhalla Best Shields Guide. If you want to improve your Assassin's Creed Valhalla gaming experience and play without lag at max FPS, be sure to check out our bestAssassin's Creed Valhalla PC Settings.

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