The best stick-on bra for large busts (2023)

The best stick-on bra for large busts (1)

You asked, I delivered! After months of testing, I'm finally sharing my favorite adhesive bras for women with big breasts. The problem came up recently when I was getting ready for a friend's wedding and needed a bra option that 1) provides support in a deep V-neck dress, 2) keeps the girls in place, and 3) fits snugly in the back. chest. my breast size without adding volume. I took to Instagram Stories to ask about your favorite brands, and while some of you hinted at one of my favorites in today's post, most of the responses I got were frustration, disbelief, and desperation for recommendations. Thus began my mission!

The best stick-on bra for large busts (2)

buying the look

The best stick-on bra for large busts (3)

For most of my teen and adult life, I've wanted to wear fluffy drapes, spaghetti straps or V-neck tops and backless dresses, maybe a plunging neckline now and then when I'm feeling naughty. I've never used it on my chest. Until recently, I had not dared to wear something like this because I thought I would never find a bra option that fit my size, and even if I did, I was embarrassed by the size of my bust. It is the pure truth. I spent a lot of time and energy camouflaging them, hiding them and making them look smaller. I would hunch my shoulders in photos and stress out if something looks too low cut. As I started to embrace my body and learn to love it exactly as it is, my bust size became the final piece of that puzzle. In the last year, I decided to be grateful for my fortune. I would no longer allow the opinion of others to prevent me from celebrating my curves. I would not stifle the stigma around "big breasts" and cleavage that comes from men's lack of control and objectification of the female body, nor the judgment of other women in deciding to wear what makes me feel confident, sexy and fabulous. . Whether it's a stripped t-shirt dress or a bodysuit with a plunging neckline, I wear what I want!

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So I decided it was time to find the right clingy bra. Those are my three favorite brands so far, plus the ones I would avoid.

*Disclaimer: There will be some looks that I will have to describe that some may find a little uncomfortable, but this is the only way to share the best way to wear these bras.

#1: Messingiger BH

Several people recommended this brand to me on Instagram and as soon as I sawsite webI knew I would be the winner. Why? Because it's one of the few adhesive bra brands that not only offers different sizes that cover the cups from A to G, but also a selection of colors to help you better match your skin tone. For $38, you get 3 pairs of bras with their breathable "Second Skin" technology, plus nipple shields and duct tape. While this can be more expensive for adhesive bras, I felt the quality and fit was worth every penny. The bigger your chest, the more surface area you need to cover, and I felt this was the key point with other brands. They were too small and didn't cover enough of my chest to support the shape and weight. Brassy Bra offers plenty of material to work with different shapes and sizes, and you can even tailor the bra to fit whatever neckline you wear. I ended up doing this with minebridesmaid dressand it worked great! I recommend cutting the material while you are wearing the bra to ensure it is the correct shape. If you want to learn more about how to use them or see tutorials, visit theirsite webby tonsfeatures by size!

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#2: Reveal the bra

At first glance, the ratings are surprising.Amazonasfor this product they are not great. However, I tried the Reveal Bra before I saw any of them, and honestly, I thought the product worked really well. But there is a trick you should follow if you have larger breasts: wear two pieces of clingy bra per breast. It sounds silly, but at this price (5 pairs for $10) you can double it and still get at least two uses out of each pack. I'm actually wearing the Reveal bra in every photo in this post. The nose shape hugs your lower bust nicely, helping to support and maintain shape. But since there is more surface area to cover, I lay two layers next to each other, overlapping them and creating more support. For example, on the left side, I place the first bra in the center of my chest as shown on the package, then take a second bra and shift it to the left side for fuller coverage and added support. For me (I have a DDD cup size), the right side of the second bra overlaps my nipple. Depending on the side of your chest, this overlap can vary. Then I use the little pieces of tape that come in the package over the top of the bra to make sure it stays in place. Larger breasts are heavier, so you'll need extra strength support. If you feel that it is not strong enough, I recommend using small parts.Scotch tape.

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The best stick-on bra for large busts (6)

No. 3: Chest Glue

This product is so underrated that I couldn't believe it took me this long to discover it! we tried firstbreast gluefor one of my sister's weddings and it worked out wonderfully. My mom wore it and stayed up all night, sweating and dancing, from late afternoon until early the next morning. Here's how it works: While wearing your shirt or dress, remove one breast at a time and apply a generous amount of breast glue around the area of ​​the breast that touches the fabric, avoiding the nipple area. Position the breast where you want it to be on the blouse or dress and hold for at least 1 minute. That is all! When ready to remove, simply use soap and water. Super simple, durable support and passed the marriage test. It's a winner! The only reason this doesn't rank higher in my favorites is that I feel like it doesn't work with all tops and dresses. It's great for fitted silhouettes or shapewear, but if you're looking for a self-adhesive bra to wear with a drape or knit top, I wouldn't recommend this option. If you want more information, FAQs and tutorials, visit theSite sobre Boob Glue.

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important advice:Please note that with any adhesive bra, it is imperative to apply it to clean, dry skin. If you need to apply oil or body lotion, do it after you apply it and try to avoid spilling it on your bra. Otherwise, they won't stick with it. I recommend using a warm, damp cloth (a little soap is even better) to wipe off any sweat, dirt, or lotion residue. Let your skin dry completely before putting on your clingy bra.

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The best stick-on bra for large busts (10)

Outfit details:Mameluke(also in blue and mustard) //Alpargatas//Collar//tires//similar pocket

Now, for those who would avoid...

Silicon-BH- I found thatSilicon-BHthey are unsupportive and will ultimately make your breast shape look worse than if you left them loose. I haven't had any success with this, but if you find a brand that works, let me know!

The Kardashian Duct Tape Method- My little sister and I tried this for a wedding and it was a huge fail! First, it took too long. Second, I found it difficult to apply the tape correctly so that my breasts don't look uneven or oddly shaped. Third, it was uncomfortable. I felt like I was sweating more and taking the tape off was not a comfortable experience. It's one thing to add a small piece on top of a self-adhesive bra for extra support, but putting duct tape all over your chest looks awful on your skin. However, if you've had success with it and found it comfortable, more power to you! It's definitely a cheaper and more personalized route.

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touch fear notEUInstant Breast Lift and Breast Shaper:Just a few seconds after applying theImmediate breast liftPieces that would rip me off because they wouldn't hold the weight of my breasts. If I hadn't moved they could have stayed but that doesn't help us much! I felt that there was not enough material. It may work better for lightweight breast implants that have a more consistent shape but weren't strong enough for my natural girls. Aboutbreast forms, it didn't really help lift or shape my breasts. Depending on its form (mine are drops according toThirdLove's Dictionary of Breast Shapes) could serve as smoothing and rounding, but again, in my opinion, there was not enough material to work with. Especially since both products only go up to size DD.

I look forward to taking the guesswork out of the equation and helping you find the adhesive bra option that's right for you! If you try any of these, please let me know what you think in the comments of this post or message me on Instagram. I would love to hear from you!


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