Top 12 apps to hide photos and videos on Android (2023)

Our private life is now on the smartphone we carry in our pocket. We capture a wealth of photos and videos that you may wish to keep private. But it's possible that your phone accidentally fell into someone's hands or simply gave it to a friend without knowing your true intentions. Well if you are an Android user then you don't have to worry as there are several great apps to hide photos and videos on Android. Well, we have compiled a list of 12 best apps to hide photos and videos on Android.

Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos for Android (2022)

Here are the best apps to hide photos and videos on your Android device. You can see the full list by clicking on the summary below. You can click an application's name to move its position within the article.

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1. Google Photos (locked folder)

While there are many third-party apps you can use and we've mentioned many of them just below, I personally think Google Photos is the best way to protect your private photos and videos. The app has a handy Locked Folder utility that allows you to protect any personal pictures that you want to hide. Once you hide the photos in the locked folder, they will be automatically removed from the regular Google Photos library, so you don't have to do it manually. Photos can also only be viewed after authentication with a fingerprint or pattern.

Also, Google Photos doesn't back up photos you keep in the locked folder and doesn't allow anyone to take a screenshot of the content in the locked folder for security reasons.

Download:(Buch, usually preinstalled on Android phones)

2. KeepSafe-Fotokabine

If you've used an Android app to hide your private photos or videos, you must have heard of KeepSafe Photo Vault. He wasfor quite some time and it's still one of the best apps to keep your media safe from others. The app has accumulated massive updates over the years that make it cleaner and easier to use for everyone. allows youLock photos and videos with PIN, pattern and fingerprintAuthentication options, post showing an ordered and categorized grid of folders.

Top 12 apps to hide photos and videos on Android (1)

You can access any of these folders to add and protect your private photos, videos or personal ID. You can create your own new folders, share them with other KeepSafe users, and back them all up to your private cloud storage.

KeepSafe brings youmany advanced security features like fake login PINs, intrusion alerts(capturing a selfie of the intruder along with the time and date of failed attempts) and camouflage the app with a different interface via Secret Door. But all the features are hidden behind a paywall and I recommend getting them if you really want to protect your private media.

main properties:

  • Easy to use
  • PIN, pattern and fingerprint authentication
  • private cloud storage

Go downstairs(Buch, in-app purchases)

3.1 Galerie

1Gallery is essentially aPhoto gallery appto manage photos and videos. Although,The main feature of this gallery app is its vault which hides photos and videos with strong encryption.. There are many apps on the Play Store that you can use to hide photos and videos, but they only use the .nomedia extension, so the media files cannot be scanned.

But if you use 1Gallery app to hide photos and videos, no one can find the media files even after you get root privileges. Three password modes are available including PIN, pattern and fingerprint to hide your photos and videos.

Top 12 apps to hide photos and videos on Android (2)

That being said, the reason I'm mentioning this app so high on this list is because of its beautiful interface. The app is designedperfectly fine and modern looking with a new design and approach to user experience.

Also in terms of features, there is a dark mode, support for various file formats such as RAW and SVG, search management, video and it can also be used asPhoto Editor for Android. All in all, if you're looking for the best app to hide photos and videos, I recommend 1Gallery for its encrypted vault, beautiful design, and thorough approach.

Main Features:

  • encrypted vault
  • Hide photos with PIN, pattern and fingerprint
  • simple gallery app
  • Easy to use
  • dark mode

Download:(Buch, in-app purchases)

4. LockMyPix-Fototresor

Out of all, this was my favorite choice to protect my photos and videos from the curious crowd. Aptly named LockMyPix, this app is designed to provide you with the most secure photo vault to protect all your personal media files.It's backed by a military-grade AES encryption standard and allows you to hide photos with a PIN or pattern.

It has an intuitive user experience that allows you to encrypt your photos/videos right from the app's home screen. You can even click on the photos instantly and add them to the vault in no time. Additional features include unlocking the app with your fingerprint, shaking your device to lock the vault, and even hiding LockMyPix from your app drawer.

Top 12 apps to hide photos and videos on Android (3)

The good thing is that you can't take a screenshot of the app when it's unlocked, which now also increases the privacy and security of your content. While the free version offers many features, the Pro variant also gives you the option to set up fake credentials.

This feature comes in handy if someone is harassing you into unlocking the app, but you can give them access to a secondary vault with a fake PIN. HeThe only downside of this app is that you cannot back up private photos or videos to the cloud..

main properties:

  • AES encryption
  • no screenshots
  • Hide photos and videos with PIN or pattern

Go downstairs(Buch, upgrade to Pro version for $1.99)

5. Fishing Net Calculator

Calculator is a unique application on this list that is designed for thatacts and looks like a calculator app, but deep within the app is a secure vault. Basically, you can use your smartphone if your friends and family use your smartphone regularlycalculator appto hide photos and videos without appearing like you're hiding anything.

You can set a numeric PIN that you need to enter into the calculator and press the "=" key to open the secret vault. And the best part is that the media content isencrypted with AES encryptionTherefore, it also performs well on the security front.

Top 12 apps to hide photos and videos on Android (4)

In terms of features, it has something called Intruder Selfie that allows the app to take selfies of users trying to access the secret vault. Aside from that,You can also set up a fake vault in case someone forces you to open the secret vault.

Another great feature that you get with this app is that you can shake your smartphone to quickly close the app and hide photos and videos. Overall, FishingNet Calculator is packed with features that can help you hide photos and videos from prying eyes.

Main Features:

  • AES encryption
  • fake safe
  • selfie cannon intruder
  • Shake to close app and hide photos

Download:(Buch, offers in-app purchases)

6. Hide Pictures and Videos - Vaulty

Vaulty is another well-known and trusted photo and video hiding app that might seem a bit dated but does its job perfectly. You can just go into the app, select the media files you want to hide from the gallery and password protect them from the outside world. The highlight of Vaulty is thatcaptures "mug shots" of intruders trying to access your vault but not entering the correct password.

Top 12 apps to hide photos and videos on Android (5)

As soon as you unlock the app, you will immediately know who tried to invade your private space. This feature is available to all users for free, which is definitely a plus. You also get the functionality to create multiple vaults with separate passwords to store different types of photos or videos in each one. However, you mustUpgrade to a Premier subscription if you want to back up your files to the cloud or remove ads from the app.

main properties:

  • several vaults
  • 'Mugshots' make intruso
  • Hide photos right from your gallery app

Go downstairs(Buch, upgrade to Vaulty Premier for $9.99/month)

7. Hide something

With nearly 5 million installs, Hide Something is one of the easiest apps to hide photos and videos on your Android device. You can protect photos and videos with PIN, password or fingerprint. The process ofTransferring new photos or videos to the "invisible" folder is as easy as sharing a filemit der Hide Something App.

Top 12 apps to hide photos and videos on Android (6)

You also get access to a mini-collection of beautiful themes, support for a variety of media file types, an advanced image viewer, and a fake login mode to further protect your privacy. Hiding is also specific to not being discovereddoes not appear in the Recents list..

But the feature that takes the cake for me is that the app backs up all your private media files to Google Drive andyou can explore them with your desktop browser. This simplifies browsing and accessing photos or videos for the end user.

main properties:

  • Protect photos with PIN, password and fingerprint
  • Doesn't appear in the recent apps list
  • fake login mode

Go downstairs(Buch, get a premium license for $2.99)

8. Google files (secure folder)

Unlike most of the apps mentioned in this list, Google Files is not a full-fledged vault app. However, Google recently added a handy Secure Folder that you can use to hide your confidential documents, images, videos, and audio files. you will do itIn the Collections section of the Browse tab, locate the Safe folder..

Top 12 apps to hide photos and videos on Android (7)

You can keep your confidential files safeSet a 4-digit PIN code. However, remember that there is no password reset mechanism in case you forget your PIN. If you are interested, don't forget to consult our dedicated guideEnable and use a secure folder in the Google Files app.

main properties:

  • Embedded in Google Files
  • Hide confidential photos and videos with a PIN

Go downstairs(Buch)

9. Galerie

Sgallery is another powerful vault app that you should try if you want to hide photos and videos. HeThe application uses the AES encryption algorithmto encrypt the files. With the premium subscription, you also get more features like fingerprint unlock, shake to close, intruder selfie, fake password, time PIN, and custom wallpapers.

Top 12 apps to hide photos and videos on Android (8)

Another interesting feature of Sgallery is that it is possibledisfrazalo from the calculator or converter. This way others won't know if you have hidden files. You also get a built-in web browser and notepad for safe browsing and text storage. Also, the app prompts you to set up a password recovery question in case you forget your password in the future, which is a nice addition that might come in handy.

main properties:

  • AES encryption
  • Pattern, PIN, fingerprint lock options
  • dark mode
  • selfie cannon intruder

Download:(Buch, offers in-app purchases)

10. Hide Files - Andrognito

Andrognito, which is an acronym for Android + Incognito, is one of the most secure privacy apps. With it you can hide your photos, videos and other files behind strong layersMilitary grade AES encryptionStandards while storing your files in the cloud to free up space on your device.

The free version of this app allows you to hide apps in a single vault, but you can purchase the PRO version to create more private vaults, access your vaults on multiple devices via cloud backups, and gain access to additional features. . It will also remove the intrusive ads that annoy me almost immediately.

Top 12 apps to hide photos and videos on Android (9)

Unlocking the PRO version of the app gives you fake vault spoofing, invisible icons, fake forced shutdown, and custom theme features. But,The simple interface of this app attracted me at first.

main properties:

  • AES encryption
  • Cloud backup function

Go downstairs(Buch, in-app purchases start at $0.99)

11. Fotoguardia

PhotoGuard is another app that you can use to hide photos and videos on your Android device. Hecomes withAES encryption instead of TKIPand your media files are highly protectedand cannot be forced to open the vault. Aside from that, PhotoGuard offers cloud backup and claims to always keep encryption on, whether it's on the device or in the cloud.

In addition, you canProtect your photos and videos with a PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint. And the best part is that you can add an extra layer of security right in the vault. For example, you can set a password for the albums in the vault, which is great.

Top 12 apps to hide photos and videos on Android (10)

Advance payment,PhotoGuard brings intruder alerts that take pictures of the intruder and log the timeso you can find the intruder. There is also a built-in photo viewer and video player in the vault that supports a long list of file formats. Obviously, this isn't a feature-rich video player, but if that's what you're looking for, read the article aboutThe best video players for Android.

Otherwise you get oneprivate camera that allows you to take pictures and store them in the vault, out of reach of other gallery apps. All in all, PhotoGuard is one of the best apps for hiding photos and videos and you should definitely check out its features.

main properties:

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Hide photos and videos with PIN, pattern, password and fingerprint
  • intruder alarms
  • private Camera

Download:(Buch, offers in-app purchases)

12. Box of pins

Another app to hide photos and videos on your Android phone is Pinbox. With this app you can easily and safely hide your personal and private photos and videos from prying eyes. You can just select the photos you want to hide and save them to pinbox. The app supports fingerprint and PIN to unlock your secure gallery. Additionally, it has intruder detection so you can see if someone is trying to access your hidden photos without your knowledge or consent. Pinbox encrypts hidden photos with AES algorithm, so you can be sure that your pictures and videos are safe.

Top 12 apps to hide photos and videos on Android (11)

Download:(Buch, offers in-app purchases)

Native apps to hide photos and videos in Android ROM

There are many apps on the Play Store with a variety of features and functions for hiding photos and videos. However latelySmartphone manufacturers have started to integrate these functions directly into the operating system. So you don't need to use any third-party apps from the Play Store. In this section, we will introduce you some of the most popular Android skin apps and methods like OneUI, MIUI, ColorOS and more. So here it is.

Samsung (OneUI)

There are manygreat features in OneUIand Samsung has something called Secure Folder, an encrypted space where you can store all your photos, videos, and files. It uses Samsung's hardware-based Knox security platform to protect your data, so the protection you get with this feature is excellent. First you need to configureSecure Folder in Settings -> Biometrics & Security -> Secure Folder. Set up a PIN here and check other options. After that, open the Samsung Gallery app, select your photo and move it to the secure folder. Are you ready.

Xiaomi (MIUI)

On Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI,You can hide photos and videos from the native file manager app. Just select the media files and tap on the 3 dot menu and select "Hide". You'll be prompted to set up a PIN or password, and that's it. If you want to access these media files, you can access them from the “Hidden Files” section in File Manager after successful authentication.

Reich (ColorOS)

Similar to Samsung, Realme has “Private Safe” that comes with ColorOS and is one of thethe most useful features of ColorOS. You can activate it fromSettings -> Security -> Private Vault. Now you can move your photos and videos or any other files to Private Safe. It will be available in a separate folder on your home screen or launcher.

OnePlus (Oxygen OS)

This is possible on OxygenOSEnable "Lockbox" in native file manager. You can set a PIN and move your media files, including photos and videos, to Lockbox. Note, however, that it does not implement encryption like Samsung devices.

The best apps to hide photos and videos on Android

Well, this is how you have hidden photos on Android using third-party apps as well as solutions developed by Google. We've also included some of the methods you can use in Android custom user interfaces like OneUI, MIUI, and others. We hope that at least one of these methods meets your needs. So which app do you want to use to protect your secret photos? Let us know in the comments. By the way, if you have some private files on your computer, you might want to do thisLock your files and folders in WindowsAlso.

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