Why does iPhone say "Message blocking is on"? (2023)

Nothing is more frustrating than when you send a text message and get a notification saying message blocking is on. It's just as frustrating as it is with your partnerStop sharing their location with you.

It can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you talk to someone often. So why does your iPhone say "Message blocking is on"?

Your iPhone will say "Message blocking is on" if the recipient blocked your number or you blocked it. Open iPhone settings, scroll down to "Phone" and select "Blocked" to access your blocked contacts. Check the list to see if you have blocked the number and remove it from the list to contact you.

Otherwise, if you receive an active message block notification, it is a sign that the recipient has blocked your number. This can also happen when the recipient is unable to receive iMessages and needs to resend them as an SMS text message. Follow us as we explore why you're seeing 'Message Lock On' on your iPhone.


What does it mean when message is blocked on iPhone?

It means you accidentally or intentionally blocked a number if you see "Message blocking is on" on your iPhone. Blocking a phone number or contact prevents you from receiving messages and calls from a specific number. This feature also prevents you from contacting the number that is on your block list.

On the other hand, you might get this message when sending a text message to someone who has blocked you.. Android and T-Mobile users sometimes get the message "The free message recipient cannot receive the message". This means the same as "message blocking is on" and you may not be able to do anything about it.

You can solve this problem only if it happens on your part. For example, you cannot disable the message "message blocking is on" if the recipient is the one who blocked it. You can only disable this feature if you are the one who blocked a number.

How to Disable Message Blocking on iPhone

You can disable message blocking on your iPhone through your phone's settings.. There are a few ways to fix this issue, but it only works if you have blocked a specific number. None of the following solutions would work if a recipient blocked your phone number. Let's explore the best solutions when you see "Message blocking is active" on your iPhone.

1. Open your settings

Open your iPhone's settings menu to access your blocked contacts list.Scroll through the settings and click "Phone".Under "Phone", you need to scroll down until you get to "Blocked Contacts".

Check the list to see if you can find the number you want to reach. It's very easy to accidentally block a phone number on your iPhone. In some cases, you may have intentionally blocked a number a long time ago and simply forgotten about it.

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All you have to do is click on the edit icon on the top right corner and select the number you want to remove. Tap the red icon next to the number you need to contact to remove it from the blocked icons list.

2. Check parental controls and blocked content

You may receive a "Message blocking active" notification when parental controls or content blocking measures are in effect. Parents often block certain keywords for one reason or another to prevent inappropriate content from reaching them.You can have the same number as when you were younger, and parental controls apply as an adult as well..

The recipient may have parental control settings that would prevent certain messages from reaching them. In that case, you can try sending another text message with different content to see if the message still appears. If the message continues to appear, it likely indicates that the recipient has simply blocked your number.

This message may appear due to certain words, images and even audio that you are sending to another number. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to fix this issue if the message is blocked by the recipient.

3. Check blocked emails

Modern iPhones include a text to email feature that lets you send text messages via email. However, you will receive an "active message block" notification if you or the recipient has been blocked.Fortunately, you can check your phone's settings to find out if your email address is blocked..

Open iPhone settings, scroll down to "Mail" and click on it. In the Mail section, scroll down until you get to Blocked. Search the list of blocked email addresses to see if the recipient is among them.

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If they are, you can tap the "Edit" icon on the top right corner to manage them.Find the email address in question and tap the red icon to remove it from the list. Send another message to the email address to see if the message blocking active notification still appears. If they do, that means they've blocked you and it's up to them to unblock your phone number or email address.

4. Reinsert your SIM card

Sometimes the solution is as simple as removing the SIM card and inserting it again. Your SIM card or Subscriber Identity Module is largely responsible for the operation of your phone.SIM cards are responsible for connecting your iPhone with your mobile operator, for example. B. Verizon or AT&T to connect.

They're impressive, but imperfect like any piece of technology. Therefore, you may need to reset your SIM card to contact certain numbers. There's no real way to reset your SIM card, but removing and reinserting it can sometimes give you the boost you need.

Unfortunately, you can only remove your iPhone's SIM card if you have a SIM tool.. The SIM tool works similar to a screwdriver and allows you to remove the SIM card from its compartment. Use a SIM tool to remove the SIM card from its compartment. Wait 1-2 minutes and reinsert the SIM card.

Try to reach the number you couldn't reach before. This will indicate that you have blocked the contact or that you have been blocked if you continue to receive the Message Blocking Active message.

5. Try sending text messages

One of the advantages of iPhones is that you can communicate using iMessage and SMS.. However, you may not be able to communicate with someone via iMessage if one of you has an invalid internet connection. Fortunately, with iPhones, you can try forwarding a message via SMS.

On your phone's home screen, return to the message you want to send. Hover over the original message, tap and hold until you see a message that says "Send as text message".Click on it and see if you can send the message via SMS instead of iMessage.

This works if the issue is just due to a discrepancy between you and the recipient's internet connection. Sometimes you may have to try this multiple times if the recipient is in a location with poor service. If not, this is a sign that you or the recipient have blocked each other's numbers.

6. Check which country the recipient is located in

You can sometimes turn on message blocking if you are in a country that cannot receive your text messages. This usually has more to do with the cell plan than the country you are in. It can also happen if the recipient has a cell phone plan that doesn't allow you to receive international text messages.

If so, you may need to try contacting them via a different method. Try emailing them to see if they get your message.You or the recipient may need to change your wireless service plan to communicate effectively.. This can be frustrating, but it may be necessary if one of your cell phone plans doesn't support international communication.

7. Try another method

Sometimes there may be a communication gap that you need to fill through other means of communication. This should be your last resort after checking your list of blocked contacts and phone numbers. Email them if you have their email address to see if they blocked you.

They may have accidentally blocked you, and a well-written email can help clear things up.. If you don't get a response, your email address may also have been blocked. If so, maybe it shouldn't be and you should take this as a sign that you should stop contacting her.

8. Contact your wireless service provider

Contact your carrier if you cannot find a solution using the above methods. Your service provider should be able to help you get to the root of the problem. They may encourage you to check your blocked contact list.

Otherwise, it may be a more complicated issue and boil down to cell phone use. For example, you might not be able to text people if you've exceeded your monthly limit.If so, you may need to upgrade your service to an unlimited text plan to avoid this issue in the future..

You can also check to see if messaging issues are common in your area. Sometimes the problem is as simple as poor cell service in your area. This is common if you live in a rural area with limited cell towers.

9. Check the phone number

Check the phone number to make sure you haven't made a mistake on your part.Even a single digit discrepancy will send a text message to someone else.. Make sure the entire number, including the area code, is correct before trying to call again.

Someone might block you if you text the wrong person, and that's understandable. Make sure you get the correct area code and country code before trying to contact them again. Your message should be sent if the correct phone number is provided, unless your phone number has been blocked.

So what is the best solution when iPhone shows message blocking is on?

The best solution when you see "Message blocking is on" on your iPhone is to check your blocked contacts list. Scroll through the settings, tap "Phone" and select "Locked". Search the list to see if you can find the number you want to reach.

Click "Edit" and delete the blocked number you want to access.However, it may indicate that the recipient has blocked you if they cannot find your number in the block list.. You can also long-press on the unsent message and click "Send as text message".

This allows you to send the message as an SMS text message instead of an iMessage. Try sending another text message with another contact when you receive an active message block notification. This indicates that your original text falls into the content category blocked by the recipient and you may need to send different content.

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